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となえる (Tonaeru)
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Cast is a keyword action.


It is the action of playing a spell from your hand, so that the spell produces an effect from the Spell Ability.

Casting a spell consists of the following procedure.

  • 1) Reveal the card from its current zone.
  • 2) If it has a Modal ability, choose it. (Hyperspatial spell, Double Evolution Burst)
  • 3) If you have additional or Alternative Cost's, apply them.
  • 4) If there is any Cost Increase or Decrease, apply it.
  • 5) Pay the total cost of the card by tapping cards in your mana zone for mana,

After the above, resolve the spell.

Usually, you may only cast spells from cards in your hand. However, various cards allow you to cast spells by other abilities.

Zone: Card:
Mana Zone Blade of Enchanting Pulses
Thunder Moon, the Enlightened
Deck Marianna, Channeler of Suns
Top of Deck Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon
From the top of your Deck Neo Wave Catastrophe
Positron Sign
Graveyard Vacuum, the Hidden Curse
Opponent's Graveyard Caribbean Moon, the Enlightened
Shields Cosmic Darts
Opponent's Shields Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian

As cards in Duel Masters can be played even if they can't perform their full effect, spells can still be cast in order to gain secondary actions, such as a Charger keyword, for a "When you cast a spell" trigger event.

  • However, cards such as Eldritch Poison (in its Japanese printing) may not be used as it requires one of your darkness creatures to be destroyed as an additional cost, and a card such as Miraculous Meltdown has a limit on being cast if your opponent doesn't control more shields than you do.

Casting a spell is sometimes also referred to as "shoot", "chant" or "strike". It has also been expressed as a "super move" in the manga series.

In most cases, the spell is put into it's owners graveyard after being cast. However, some cards put the spell into another zone after it resolves.

Zone: Card:
Top of your Deck Kaiser Flame, Secret Flame Dragon
Bottom of your Deck Catcher In The Climb
Daydream Dark Matter
Judgment Time
Kariyadone, Magic Library / Hermit Circle
Perfect Darkness
Perfect Nature
Revival of the Lost Forbidden Spell
Shuffled into your Deck Aquarius of Revolution
Barrier of Revolution
Boulder of Revolution
Curry Bread of the Universe
Dragon Emperor's Emblem
Iron Fist of Revolution
Judgment Gate of Revolution
Lion King's Emblem
Philosopher's Emblem
Rebellious Wolf's Emblem
Hand Cyclone keyword
Buchikudaki Hammer
Child Festival of Faerie Fire
Dash Repeat
Eternal Brain
Eternal Brain / Brain's Coral Saint Tree
Gachinko Darts
Gachinko Dice
Gachinko Joker
Gachinko Roulette
Gachinko Slot
Sea Dragon God's Magic Wind
Skull Moon of Assault
Top of a Shield Judgment Emblem
Judgment Emblem Z
Mana Zone Charger keyword
Evo Charger keyword
Boomerang Comet
Pixie Cocoon
Battle Zone Emperor Twinfinity keyword
Zagaan, Knight of Darkness / 「"I'll make this a one sided battle."」


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.4. Cast
    • 701.4a To cast a spell, you must pay its mana cost and then resolve its spell abilities. Usually, players can cast spells only during their main step.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.4. 唱える
    • 701.4a 唱えるとは, 呪文の効果が発生するように, 呪文を現在あるゾーン (通常は手札)から, コストを支払って使うことです.プレイヤーは通常メインステップにのみマナコストを支払って呪文を唱えることができます.