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カードタイプ (Kādo Taipu)
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Card types are a gameplay characteristic of each card in the Trading Card Game.


The card types determine the various gameplay mechanics that a card may have or how they are used (ex: Summon, or Cast).

The following is a list of card types (without a supertype).
(Card types marked with a star don't exist without a supertype.)

When viewing the front side of a card, each card in the game has one of these card types printed on their card type line.

  • In the case of Twinpacts, a single-sided card may have 2 cards (A creature half as well as a spell half). However, Twinpact is not a true card type.
  • However, in the case of double-sided cards such as a Psychic or Dragheart, the card type on the front and backside may differ.

While cards are physically used to represent them, Seal is treated as a Keyword Action rather than a card type.

Types such as Evolution", "Psychic", "Exile", "Dragheart", "Forbidden", "D2", "Neo", "Gacharange", or "Orega" aren't a true card type as they don't exist on their own without the other card types and are instead known as supertypes.

See also: Supertypes

List of Card Types with supertypes


Cross Gear












General Game Rules

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 204. Card Type
    • 204.1. Card type is a characteristic of a card which is usually printed just under the illustration.
    • 204.2. Card types include "Creature", "Spell", "Cross Gear", "Castle", "Cell", "Weapon", "Fortress", "Impulse", "Field", "Core", "Aura", "Ceremony", "Nebula", "Artifact", "Land", "Rule Plus", and "Tamaseed".
    • 204.3. Cards may have supertypes. They are written before the card type. Supertypes include "Evolution", "Psychic", "Psychic Super", "Exile" "Dragheart", "Forbidden", "D2", "Neo" and "Gacharange".
      • 204.3a "Creature" can have "Evolution", "Psychic", "Psychic Super", "Exile", "Dragheart", "Forbidden", "Neo", "GR" and so on.
      • 204.3b "Impulses" can have "Forbidden" as a supertype.
      • 204.3c "Field" can have "D2" or "Final Forbidden" as a supertype.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 204. カードタイプ
    • 204.1. カードタイプはカードの持つ特性です.通常イラストのすぐ下に印刷されています.
    • 204.2. カードタイプには、「クリーチャー」、「呪文」、「クロスギア」、「城」、「セル」、「ウエポン」、「フォートレス」、「鼓動」、「フィールド」、「コア」、「オーラ」、「儀」、「星雲」、「Artifact」、「土地」、「ルール・プラス」、「タマシード」があります。
    • 204.3. カードは、特殊タイプを持つことがあります。それらはカードタイプの直前に書かれます。特殊タイプには、「進化」、「サイキック」、「サイキック・スーパー」、「エグザイル」、「ドラグハート」、「禁断」、「D@」、「NEO」、「GR」、「スター進化」などがあります。
      • 204.3a 「クリーチャー」は「進化」、「サイキック」、「サイキック・スーパー」、「エグザイル」、「ドラグハート」、「禁断」、「NEO」、「GR」、「スター進化」などを特殊タイプに持ちえます。
      • 204.3b 「鼓動」は「禁断」を特殊タイプに持ちえます.
      • 204.3c 「フィールド」は「D2」を特殊タイプに持ちえます.


Card abilities often refer to card types. For example: Terror Pit's ability says "Destroy one of your opponent's creatures". This ability mentions the card type of creature specifically, which covers any variation such as an Evolution Creature or Psychic Creature.

Survivor, Wave Striker, Gods and Twinpacts can be easily mistaken by a card type due to how they may be referred to by the effect text of other cards, however, they aren't a card type. They are only races and/or keyword abilities.

Creature cards or core cards under an evolution creature lose their card type. This prevents them from being counted as a number of creatures in the battle zone.