Card Rarity
レアリティ (Reariti)
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The Card Rarity symbol is a gameplay characteristic that is marked in the bottom right corner of the face-up side of the card.

List of Card Rarities

(The following card rarities are featured in the English and Japanese game.)

Icon: Rarity: Details:
Common Common A plain circle.
Uncommon Uncommon A diamond shape.
Rare Rare A star.
Very Rare Very Rare A circle with a star in the middle.
Super Rare Super Rare Four squares put together to shape a diamond.
The artwork of a super rare card usually glows and protrudes the frame of its artwork.

(The following card rarities are exclusive to the Japanese game.)

Icon: Rarity: Details: Blocks:
Victory Rare Victory Rare A stylized V symbol. Like a super rare, the artwork of a victory rare card exceeds the artwork frame, and in later sets, feature full frame artwork. Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Dragon Saga
Victory RareVictory Rare Double Victory Cards with this rarity have 2 stylized V on their card frame. Dragon Saga
15px Legend Rare A sun symbol. Revolution
Revolution Final
File:Forbidden Legend Rare.gif Forbidden Legend Rare An X with the "LEGEND" written in forbidden text. Revolution
Revolution Final
Master Card Master Card A white text block with MAS in black text. Duel Masters
Twinpact Series
Gacharange Series
秘 / ㊙ Secret Rare The kanji character for "Secret". This rarity rarely appears on cards.

Certain promotional cards that have not been printed in a DM, DMR or DMRP booster pack set often feature a lack of rarity symbol, these cards are designated as having "No Rarity".


In English booster packs, which contain 10 cards, each pack normally has 6 commons, 3 uncommons, and a rare card inside. If a very rare or super rare card is present, there will be 5 commons instead of 6.

In most Japanese main-series packs (currently DMR-01 and forward), which contain 5 cards, each pack normally has 3 commons, 1-2 uncommons, and 0-1 rare card. If a super rare or rarer card is present, there will also be an additional rare card.

A box of Japanese booster packs will usually have 1-2 different Super Rares and 2-4 different Very Rares. Very rarely, the booster box will have no super rares at all or having 2 duplicate Super Rares/Very rares in the same box.

In the DMR series of booster packs, every 3-4 booster boxes will be a box that has a Victory Rare, although it varies between sets. In DMR-13 Dragsolution Gaiginga, Around 12 boxes or a carton will have a box that has a Double Victory Rare, which is 3-4 times the average amount of boxes to be opened in order to obtain a Regular Victory Rare. This has been increased to the same packaging rates as other Victory Rares in further sets.

Box Pulls and purchasing single cards are among one of the more popular ways to obtain cards of higher rarity.

In special edition OCG packs, the card count and retail price varies. DMX-01, DMX-02 series packs contain 7 cards and are usually twice the price of a main-series pack; DMX-04 and DMX-05 have 6 cards per pack and are usually twice the price of a main-series pack; DMX-06 and DMX-07 have 5 cards per pack and are usually the same price as a main-series pack.

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