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カードめい (Kādo Mei)
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Card Name is a gameplay characteristic that identifies the card that you are playing.

Each card name is unique and is the primary method of identification.


In most cases, the card name is situated on the top of the card and the right of the cards cost (However, many cycles of God creatures are an exception to this due to the way that the cards link together).

Each card with the same name can only be included 4 times in a deck, including any alternate printing that the card may have (except cards in the Hall of Fame).

While cards in the Japanese edition of the game only used Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji in their card name for many years, with the advent of cards such as Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss (and its "!" exclamation mark) as well as Violent Children (including a "、" ideographic comma) they started to include new text in the card names. Some cards also use alphanumeric symbols from the English alphabet (such as GENJI or THE FINAL) and numbers (750 Man).

For a long time, cards names were only used for the Deck Building rules of allowing "maximum of 4 copies of a card" in a deck, but in DM-17 The Over-Technocross, 2 cards that referred to each other Queen of Protection and Lord of Legend Sword were released.

The first card that allowed you to change a cards name was Akashic Third, the Electro-Bandit in DM-13 Eternal Phoenix.

Cards that refer to each other's card name

Cards that refer to the specific cardname

Name Categories that refer to part of the card name

See Name Category or List of Exile Creatures

Cards that refer to their own card name

Self Deck Search

DM-05 / DM-17 / DMR-05

DM-12 Cycle

DM-15 Cycle

Cards that refer to unspecified card names

Cards that add a card name to a creature


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 202. Card Name
    • 202.1. Card name is a characteristic of a card. It is usually written at the top center of a card.
    • 202.2. If an effect instructs a player to choose a card name, the player must choose the name of an existing card. Cards having the entire name, having the chose name as part of their name, or having a written variation of that name are all affected and the player must declare so. (Although in actual games both players know of this already).
    • 202.3. If there is a card that refers to only part of a card name, it will affect all cards that carry the characters of the name properly, but not for cards that do not carry the characters properly

      Example: "Bolshack NEX" refers to all cards with the name "Lupia" in them and yet will not affect "Purple Piecer" as the characters are far apart (have space).

      • 202.3a When referring to a card name, refer to the exact match including kanji.
    • 202.4. If there is a card that adds another card name to the card apart from the original card name, then the affeted card will have two card names at the same time.
    • 202.5. When a God is linked, it will change the name of all gods linked and carry all the linked God's names

      Example: In the battle zone you linked "Heavy,Dragon God and Metal, Dragon God" and a seperate "Heavy,Dragon God and Death,Destructio God" both will have the name Heavy,Dragon God and hence will be affected by cards such as The Grave of Angels and Demons.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 202. カード名
    • 202.1. カード名はカードの持つ特性です.通常カードの上部中央に記されています.
    • 202.2. 効果によってプレイヤーが「カード名を 1 つ指定する」場合, そのプレイヤーは実際に存在するカード名を選ばなければなりません.同じカード名部分を持ち, バリエーションの存在するカードの場合, それを含めて宣言する必要があります.(ただし, 実際のゲームプレイにおいては双方のプレイヤーが認識できる呼び方でかまいません.)
    • 202.3. カード名の一部を参照するカードが存在します.その場合, 指定された名称をカード名に含むもの全てを参照します.例 .「ボルシャックNEX」はカード名に「ルピア」という単語を含む全てのカードを参照します.「パープル・ピアス」のように単語が途中で区切られている場合は一致した単語とみなしません.
      • 202.3.a カード名を参照する時は, ルビを含めて完全一致したものを参照します.
    • 202.4. カードに本来のカード名とは別に他のカード名を追加するカードが存在します.その場合, そのカードは2つのカード名を同時に持つことになります.
    • 202.5. ゴッドがリンクしているとき, そのゴッドはリンクしている全てのカードのカード名を持ちます.例:バトルゾーンに「リンクした龍神ヘヴィと龍神メタル」と, 「リンクした龍神ヘヴィと破壊神デス」が同時にあるとき, これらのリンクしたゴッドはどちらも「龍神ヘヴィ」という名前を持ちます.この状況で「天使と悪魔の墳墓」を使用した場合, どちらも「龍神ヘヴィ」を持つクリーチャーなのでそれぞれ破壊されます.