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Card Frame
新枠 (New Frame)
旧枠 (Old Frame)
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Card Frames detail the different aspects of a card in the trading card game, with different treatments for the various Card Types


The following is an illustration detailing the various characteristics of a card.

The civilization of the cards: Light, Water, Darkness, Fire, or Nature is incorporated into the frame artwork, and rarity levels are shown by symbols on the bottom right of the card.


(This gallery is an example of Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, a Fire creature in the various card frames.)

(This gallery is an example of Faerie Life, a Nature spell in the various card frames.)


A card contains the following features:

  • Card Name – The card name is on the top center of the frame.
  • Cost – This number, on the top left of the card, shows how much mana you will need to tap to be able to play the card.
  • Race – The race of a creature is found under the card name. Creatures are grouped into various races, such as Armored Dragon, Angel Command or Beast Folk
  • Text – The text between the card type and power lets you know what abilities as well as Keywords or Ability Words the card may have.
  • Card Type – The card type of a card is indicated on the middle left of the frame.
  • Artist – The artist of the cards artwork is indicated on the middle right of the frame.
  • Power – This number, seen on the bottom left of the frame which only appears on creature card types, indicates the creature's power. The higher this number, the stronger the creature is in battling against other creatures.
  • Mana Number – This number, seen at the bottom center of the frame is an upside-down number that indicates how much mana that card provides while in your mana zone.
  • Card Rarity – The symbol indicates the level of rarity.
  • Flavor Text – Italic text on the bottom of the card that includes the history of creatures, races, and civilizations.
(The following card rarities are featured in the English and Japanese game.)
Icon: Rarity:
Common.png Common
Uncommon.png Uncommon
Rare.png Rare
Very Rare.png Very Rare
Super Rare.png Super Rare
(The following card rarities are exclusive to the Japanese game.)
Icon: Rarity:
Victory Rare.png Victory Rare
Victory Rare.pngVictory Rare.png Double Victory
Legend Card.png Legend Card
Forbidden Legend Card.png Forbidden Legend Card
Master Card.jpg Master Card
King Master Card.png King Master Card
秘 / ㊙ Secret Rare


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 200. General
    • 200.1. A card contains information some of which may affect the game.
    • 200.2. Some parts of a card are also characteristics (which can be referenced during a game). Characteristics include civilization, cost, card name, race, card type and power.
      • 200.2a Some characteristics may be ignored during the game.
      • 200.2b Characteristics of a card under an evolution creature etc. are ignored.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 200. 総則
    • 200.1. カードには, ゲーム中に必要な情報と, ゲーム中特に意味を成さない情報があります.
    • 200.2. カードの部分の一部は特性(ゲーム中参照され、意味をなすもの)でもあります。特性とは、文明、コスト、カード名、種族、カードタイプ、パワーを指します。