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ハンデス (Handesu)
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Card Discard (also known as Hand Destruction) is the act of discarding cards from a players hand.


As the card goes from your opponent's hand into the graveyard, he is unable to play it. It also sometimes known as "Hand Destroy".

It is commonplace in the Darkness Civilization, but it sometimes also seen in the Water Civilization with cards that involve putting your opponent's hand into their shields.

4 Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet
Darkness Darkness.png / Creature
Death Puppet

■ When you put this creature, look at your opponent's hand and discard a card from it.

7 Lost Soul
Darkness Darkness.png / Spell

■ Your opponent discards all cards from his hand.

In Duel Masters, most cards are used from the hand, so disrupting this can lead to many advantages over your opponent.

Since it can interact with the card before they are put into the battle zone or mana zone, it has the following interactions.

Card Discard is roughly separated into 3 methods based on the way the cards are discarded.

  • 1) Discarding cards and looking (Peeping Hand Destruction)
  • 2) Discarding cards without looking (Random Hand Destruction)
  • 3) Your opponent discarding their cards (Self Hand Destruction)

Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet and Pakurio are highly evaluated as they are able to discard the most important card after looking at your opponent's hand. If your opponent is using cards with a Madness ability, you are able to avoid it.

Cards that discard the entire card such as Lost Soul or Radio Roses, Zenith of "Wisdom" are especially powerful as your opponent will only be able to use the card he drew at the start of the next turn, limiting their options significantly. If even one copy of these cards is being used in a deck, the opponent needs to prepare and play cards in anticipation of the entire hand being discarded.

On the contrary, cards that allow your opponents to choose the card that is discarded can allow them to choose cards with a negative outcome to you, allowing them to discard unimportant cards to them, or to cards with Madness. However, many of them (including Radio Roses, Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle and Nicol Bolas) discard multiple cards, allowing them not to gain much advantage.

List of commonly used Card Discard cards





5/2000 Multicolored Cycle


Mono Darkness

Cross Gear / Castle / Dragheart

Hall of Fame

When a Card Discard card is put into your hand, it is a high chance to be included from the above cards.



  • It is a card mechanic that has appeared since the beginning of the game, starting with Ghost Touch in DM-01, Lost Soul in DM-02, and Skeleton Vice, always having an impact on the metagame.
  • As shown in the Card Names and Flavor Texts, Card Discard often has the image of "depriving a soul". The card name often uses "Ghost" for low amount discard, "Vice" for medium size, and "Soul" for larger size. These are possibly taken from the aforementioned cards. However, this is not a strict classification (With exceptions like Vise Cyclone).
  • The more powerful Card Discard cards such as Skeleton Vice and Soul Advantage were strong even against the faster of rush decks. As a result, they were put onto the Hall of Fame.
  • While it is sometimes also called "Hand Destroy", it isn't considered as a "destroy", even though a creature is put into a graveyard. Destroy is only when a creature in the battle zone is put into a graveyard. A card from the hand into a graveyard is always known as a "discard".