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Civilization(s) WaterWater.png NatureNature.png
Family Gap (Twin Brother)
Mother Brain (Mother)
Voice Actor 市川太一
Ichikawa Taichi
Signature Card(s) Duel Masters!!

Captain Aarukait
Wayball Wayball
King Manifest
Charisma Manifest
Manifest (Marco Star)

Nationality Creature World

Cap is a duelist and one of Joe Kirifuda's rivals introduced in the Duel Masters! season of the Duel Masters anime.


Caps is a boy in his early teens with blue hair wearing a blue jacket, white undershirt, white and green stripe pants and light yellow sandals. During the 10 Kings arc, Cap undergoes an appearance change. His outfit consist of a headless cap, dark green sweater, lime green pants and sandals. 


Following the traits of the civilization masters, Cap was a respected duelist in his homeland. Matching the theme of his civilization, Cap was capable of looking into databases and research. He's capable of identifying the abnormalities outside of his homeland. He's skilled in waveboarding, as he traverses dimensions through his wave-board.

Unlike the other masters, Cap was quite sociable towards others, even accepts defeat if danger wasn't involved. However, he do have some family issues regarding his twin brother Gap's actions, especially their existance being to protect the Water Civilization lands. Both even have different opinions towards the methods employed and how they deal with the situation, resulting in arguements, which made worse in the battle against Ze-ro.


Cap is the Water Master siding with Joe Kirifuda, Kira and Bolts. He employs the Gacharange Creature spam tactics used by those duelists.

His signature move is his "Papara Para Para Paparira Paradiso Draw".

It was later revealed that Cap was a designer baby constructed by the Mother Brain. After Zeron's fall, Gap protected him from the Mother Brain and died.

Duel Masters King!

Cap is now a transfer student in Joe's school and a regular alongside Kira. He obtained King Manifest when he manifested in the human world and sided with him.

In Episode 25, a duelist known as Godai controlled Momo, Daichourou, Destro, Megane and Zancook with negative waves and confronted Cap (who never bickered to the negativity so he could win him using Hades, the New Moon that Rules the Underworld, but he failed.


Cap's deck is based on the Tricks and Wonderforce races.

Total record: 2 games, 1 win, 1 loss.

  • Duel Masters!!
Episode #: Opponent Outcome Deck name
1 Joe Kirifuda Loss Super Gacharange Big Wave
21 Gap Virtual Win Super Gacharange Big Wave
22 Gap Loss Super Gacharange Big Wave