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Can Attack Untapped Creatures
アンタップキラー (Untap Killer)
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Can Attack Untapped Creatures is an unnamed ability for creatures that are able to attack untapped creatures as a form of Removal.


It is a form of Removal mainly only featured on cards in the Fire Civilization, rarely featuring in the other civilizations.

2 Smash Warrior Stagrandu
Fire Fire.png / Creature

■ This creature can attack untapped creatures.

■ Whenever this creature attacks a creature that has power 6000 or more, this creature gets +9000 power until the end of the turn.

Usually a creature that isn't tapped cant be the target of an attack, however this ability prevents that.

It can be useful to remove creatures that are Unchoosable from the battle zone, such as Petrova, Channeler of Suns or avoiding the penalty triggered for choosing Red ABYTHEN Kaiser.

It can prove powerful combined with Fists of Forever, allowing you to clear most or all of your opponent's creatures regardless of their tap status.

Certain cards allow you to give the ability to any of your creatures such as from spells like Hyperspatial Red Green Hole or Game On! Charger. This can also prove powerful with built in "Fists of Forever" ability on creatures such as Evol Dogiragon or Dravita, Temporal Pressure Elemental.

However, creatures that have a "this creature can't be attacked." ability still can't be attacked, and other removal is required.

While the ability is stronger on cards with a higher power as you still need to win the battle, you can use cards such as Master Weapon - All Yes or Silver Glory, Invincible Fortress to help.


There is varying consistency on the wording of cards that can attack untapped creatures;

  • DM-32 and DMR-01: 「アンタップされているクリーチャーを攻撃できる」 You can attack untapped creatures.
  • DM-37 and DMR-05: で「タップされていないクリーチャーを攻撃できる」に表記が戻った。 You can attack a creature that isn't tapped.

List of famous creatures that Can Attack Untapped Creatures