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CS-40, Pressure
重圧シーエス CSシーエス-40
Japanflag Kana: シーエス (Pressure)
Civilization: WaterWater
Card Type: Gacharange Creature
Mana Cost:  4
Races: Tricks / Deletron
English Text: ■ Without an aura, this creature can't attack.

(At the start of your game, separate your gacharange creatures from your deck and put them into your super gacharange. If a gacharange creature would be put into a zone other than the battle zone, return it to your super gacharange.)

Japanese Text: ■ オーラが付いていなければ、このクリーチャーは攻撃できない。


Power:  4000
Flavor Text: オレガ・オーラが付いていないと攻撃できないけど、このデッキでは関係ない! パワード・ブレイカーでブレイク数を上げていこう!
Mana: 1
Illustrator: SHURIKEN
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