• Q: If I attack Bye Bye Amoeba and my creature loses the battle, will it still return to my hand?
    • A: No, the attacking creature is destroyed and sent to the graveyard before the battle is completely resolved, so it would not return to your hand.
  • Q: When my Bye Bye Amoeba is attacked, I blocked with another creature, Battery Cluster. After the battle, if the attacking creature is still in the battle zone, would it then return to my opponent's hand?
    • A: Yes. Since your opponent's creature still attacked Bye Bye Amoeba, is would return to his hand.
  • Q: I have Bye Bye Amoeba and Hourglass Mutant in my battle zone. Then, Bye Bye Amoeba was attacked by an opponent's creature, while it has "Slayer". What happens?
    • A: After your battle, you choose between sending the attacking creature to the graveyard or returning it to your opponent's hand.

Bye Bye Amoeba
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