Bronzezaurus, Bronzekind
青銅目 ブロンズザウルス
Civilization: NatureNature.png
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  5
Race: Jurassic Command Dragon
English Text: ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, put the top card of your deck into your mana zone.
Japanese Text: ■ このクリーチャーをバトルゾーンに出した時、自分の山札の上から1枚目をマナゾーンに置く。
Power:  5000
Flavor Text: 中継の予定を変更するんです!突如乱入してきた影の主催者ザ=デッドマンを倒すべく、全文明が力を合わせたんです!! The schedule of the relay has got to change! In order to defeat the shadowy mastermind, The=Deadman, all civilizations joined forces together! -Ogapu, Aqua Live (DMR-16真)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Filip Burburan
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