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  • Bronze-Arm Tribe has many cards based on it. These include:
Name: Races: Cost: Differences:
Bronze Chain Sickle Beast Folk 4 Shield Plus with Put Into Graveyard
Iron Arm Tribe Beast Folk / Hunter 4 Mana Acceleration - Replacement Effect
Geo Bronze-Arm Tribe Beast Folk / Alien 4 +1000 power. Mana Acceleration for any non-nature card from deck.
Truename Platinum Arm Tribe Beast Folk / Unknown 7 Colorless. +4000 power. Double Breaker.
Nam=Daeddo, Bronze Style Beast Folk Go 3 +2000 power. Guardman. Mana Arms 3: Nature.
Bronzezaurus, Bronzekind Jurassic Command Dragon 5 +4000 power.
Daiki, Duema Boy Human / Hero 3 Multicolored. Modal ability of Mana Acceleration or Card Draw.
Hamukatsuman, No.1 Wind Revolutionary / Team Hamukatsu 3 Multicolored. Speed Attacker.
Konchi, Foxkind Jurassic Dragon / Revolutionary 4 Multicolored. +3000 Power. Can't attack. Blocker.
This card has "Isomorphic Resales", cards that are near-functional reprints, but with a different race.
  • These cards are Nature Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 3, 1000 power and an ability to put the card of your deck into your mana zone.
Name: Race:
Bronze-Arm Tribe Beast Folk
Hormone, Maxim Bronze Outrage MAX
Holdeganus, Snow Faerie Snow Faerie / Revolutionary
Maple Chomomijin Jokers
Plum, Spring Sleep Faerie Snow Faerie / RexStars
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information from the Kaijudo Trading Card Game.
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  • The Bronze-Arm Tribe card from the Kaijudo franchise uses this card's artwork and name.
Bronze-Arm Tribe