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Bronze-Arm Tribe
Bronze-Arm Tribe
Japanflag Kana: ブロンズ・アーム・トライブ (Bronze-Arm Tribe)
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 3
Race: Beast Folk
English Text:

When you put this creature into the battle zone, put the top card of your deck into your mana zone.

Japanese Text:

■ このクリーチャーをバトルゾーンに出した時、自分の山札の上から1枚目をマナゾーンに置く。

Power: 1000
Flavor Texts: They're bringing some friends to the party. (DM-01)
彼らが現れたら注意が必要だ。その後ろに龍がいるかもしれないのだから。If they appear, be careful. There might be a dragon behind them. (DMC-39)
真の仲間と呼べる奴を、俺は信じる。I believe in a someone who can be called a true friend. (DMD-01)
自然あるところ青銅の鎧あり。Where there is nature, there is Bronze-Arm Tribe. (DMX-02)
その力を借りたことの無い者がいないほどの英雄。He is such a hero that there is no one who has not borrowed his power. (DMX-09)
オレ様抜きで、自然文明は語れないぜ! ブラック・ボックス入りも当然だな! "You can't talk about nature civilization without talking about me! No wonder you're in the black box!" ─Bronze-Arm Tribe (DMX-12)
Bronze-arm Tribe Smaaaaaaaaaash!!! (DMX-22)
オラクル教団の策略により子供の姿となってしまったクロスファイア。だが、レイジ・クリスタルの神秘に触れ、ドロン・ゴーを身につけた。Crossfire was transformed into a child by the Oracle Cult. However, he was touched by the mystery of the Rage Crystal and acquired Doron Go. (DMD-11)
マナを増やしすぎて本当にすまないと思っているゥ! I'm really sorry for adding too much mana! (DMX-20)
マナを増やしてミア・ダママにつなぐぞ! Let's get more mana and connect to Mia Damama!Bronze-Arm Tribe (DMX-23)
マナを増やしまくって有利になれ! "More mana all around, give me the advantage!" (Duema 40 Card Special Deck)
Incredible!!! Haaaaahhhhh! Look up!! (DMX-24)
コイツでマナを増やせば次のターンは5マナ! カツえもん剣やブリキンジェットで攻撃して、ドギラゴン銀刃に革命チェンジだ! "If you increase your mana with this guy, you'll have five mana next turn! Attack with Katsuemon Buster or Briking Jet, then Revolution Change to Dogiragon Silver!" (DMD-34)
大型クリーチャー満載のグランセクトを使うには、マナを増やすのが必須戦略! "Increasing mana is an essential strategy to use Gransect, which is full of large creatures!" (DMSP-01)
切札勝舞とデュエル・マスターズの出会いが、世界を救い、人々を変えた。Shobu Kirifuda's encounter with Duel Masters saved the world and changed people. (DMEX-01)
かつて別々だった2枚のカード。それが、1枚のカードとなった。これこそが新たなるツインパクトの力! Two cards that were once separate, now they have become one card. This is the power of the new Twinpact! (DMEX-04)
暴拳王国はジャオウガに敗れて誇りを失った結果、勝利にしか意義を見出せなくなった。今は鬼札覇王連合の一部として鬼札王国に従いつつも、勝ち続けることで強さを証明し、最後はジャオウガと再び戦って奪われた誇りを取り戻さなければならないと考えている。Bouken Kingdom lost its pride after their defeat by Jaouga, and as a result, it can only find meaning in victory. Now, as part of the Onifuda Overlord Coalition, he follows the Onifuda Kingdom, but believes that he must prove his strength by continuing to win, and finally regain his stolen pride by fighting Jaouga again. (DMEX-13)
世界をマナで満たすため、彼らは今日も戦い続ける。To fill the world with mana, they continue to fight today (P57/Y6, DMPCD-01)
あらゆる戦場を渡り歩き、あらゆる戦を経験してきたのだ。He had been to every battlefield and experienced every battle. (P16/Y8)
世界に名を馳せた勇士の登場は、いつだって戦を加速させる。The appearance of a world-renowned hero always accelerates the war. (P24/Y8)
マナを増やしまくって有利になれ! "Ramp up your mana to gain an advantage!" (SpDeck2)
相手よりマナを増やして早く切り札を出すのが自然文明の戦い方! 3ターン目はマナが増やせるカードを使おう! "The natural way of fighting for the Nature civilization is to increase mana faster than the opponent and deploy trump cards early! Let's use cards that increase mana on the third turn!" (SpDeck5)
マナの力で、戦いの熱はさらに加速する!" With the power of mana, the heat of battle will accelerate even further!" (P82/Y9)
仲間を呼べ! 彼らは必ずこたえてくれるっ!! "Call your friends! I'm sure they'll respond!" (P90/Y9)
俺はまだまだ先を目指して行きたいんだ! これからも「デュエマ道」を共に進もう! "I still want to go further! Let's keep moving forward together on the 'Duema Road'!" ―Bronze-Arm Tribe (P43/Y10)
ウホウホ! ふやしちゃうぞーー!! "Uho Uho! I'll make more!" ─Bronze-Arm Tribe (P77/Y12)
デュエマーランド、そこは夢と希望の国!! 楽しかったらまた来てくれよな!! "Duema Land, it's a land of dreams and hopes!! Come back again if you enjoy it!!" (P22/Y14)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrators: Yusaku Nakaaki
Daisuke Izuka
Mikio Masuda
kazutoshi yokota
DM-01 Base Set Dm01symbol
90/110 — Common Common
Shadowclash Collector Tin
40/46 — Common Common
DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
107/110 — Common Common
DM-18 Best Challenger text-align
137/140 — Common Common
DMC-06 Dragon Strikes Deck Dmc5-8symbol
79/82 — Common Common
DMC-22 Hell Boost Half Deck Dmc22-24symbol
27/27 — Common Common
DMC-33 Edge of Dragon Dmc32-33symbol
27/27 — Common Common
DMC-39 Victory Soul Dmc38-39symbol
33/33 — Common Common
DMC-42 CoroCoro Dream Pack 3: Eternal Gear Dmc42symbol
86/90 — Common Common
DMC-45 Battle of Yamato Soul Dmc45-46symbol
35/35 — Common Common
DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7 Dmc55symbol
82/84 — Common Common
DMC-57 The God Kingdom Dmc56-57symbol
39/39 — Common Common
DMC-61 CoroCoro Dream Pack 4: Eternal Heaven PS
86/94 — Common Common
DMD-01 Start Dash Deck: Fire & Nature E1
12/13 — Common Common
DMX-02 Deck Builder DX: Hunter Edition E1
37/42 — Common Common
DMX-09 Deck Builder Oni DX Go For It! Katta Edition
51/56 — Common Common
DMX-12 Black Box Pack E2
b105/??? — Common Common
DMD-11 Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Outrage E3
c21/21 — Common Common
DMX-20 Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~ Rev
67/68 — Common Common
DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack Rev
b88/??? — Common Common
Duema 40 Card Special Deck
12/13 — Common Common
DMX-23 Mystery Teach!! Deck Level MAX Pack RevF
30/60 — Common Common
DMD-34 Deluxe DueGacha Deck: Hero of the Silver Blade Dogiragon RevF
12/13 — Common Common
DMX-24 Shine! Duedemy Prize Pack RevF
50/54 — Common Common
DMSP-01 Fancy! Grandy!! JoeDeckie BOX!! DM
48/48 — Common Common
DMEX-01 Duel Masters: Golden Best
6/80 [2002] — Common Common
CoroCoro Jokers and Nature Double Deck
9/10 — Common Common
DMEX-04 Dreams Come True!! Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!! Twin
56/75 — Common Common
DMPCD-01 DueMa Play's CollaboDeck: The Rise of Überdragon & The Rise of Heavenly Gate
天16/16 — Common Common
DMEX-13 The Great 4 Rising → Powerful Link Pack TK
69/84 — Common Common
Promotional Promotional
A4/Y1, P50/Y6, P58/Y6, P17/Y8, P25/Y8, P83/Y9, P91/Y9, P44/Y10, P78/Y12, P23/Y14 — Common Common
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