Japanflag ブレイカー (Bureikā)
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Breaker is generic name of keywords that have "breaker" in their names.


There are 14 different breaker keywords. This includes;

Normally when one of your creatures attack your opponent and are unblocked, they break a single shield regardless of their power. Each of these keywords allow your creatures to break additional shields (except Master Breaker). While Breaker abilities are effective in increasing a creature's offensive presence, It does increase the risk of activating Shield Triggers which may cause reversal. It does not affect the battle zone directly as well, so creatures with only a breaker ability should be avoided.


  • If a creature has multiple breaker abilities such as Double Breaker and Triple Breaker, only the breaker ability that breaks the highest amount of shields (in this example; Triple Breaker is 3) is the ability that applies when shields are broken.
  • When your opponent has no shields left, if one of your creatures attacks him one more time, you win the game. Creatures with a "Breaker" ability can break more than one shield when they attack your opponent. If your opponent has fewer shields than your attacking creature can break, your creature doesn't knock out your opponent, just however many shields are left.
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