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Bonedance, Invader
侵略者 ホネオドリ
Civilization: DarknessDarkness
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  2
Races: Funky Knightmare / Invader
Power:  2000
Flavor Text: 九極の侵略者と光の国の戦いが行われている頃、九極の侵略者を束ねる存在であるG.O.D.は宿敵デュエにゃん皇帝との因縁に決着をつけていた。ホネオドリたちの応援にもかかわらず、デュエにゃん皇帝は敗北、ここに七代続いたデュエにゃん帝国の歴史は幕を閉じた。When the battle of the Nine Extremes Invaders of the Light Kingdom carried out, the appearance of GOD led the Nine Extremes Invaders to quarrel with his nemesis Duenyan Emperor. Despite the support of Bonedance, Duenyan Emperor was defeated and the curtain fell on the history of the Duenyan Empire which lasted seven generations. (DMR-19)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Tutui Misa
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