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Civilization(s) FireFire.png
Voice Actor 白石 稔
Minoru Shiraishi
Signature Card(s) 2017

Bad Brand Limited (Anime only)
Bad Brand
Duel Masters!
Gogogo Brand
Duel Masters!!
Majigod Brand
Dynabolt, Explosive Dragon Emperor
Dynabolt, Great Explosive Dragon
Dynabolt (Eterphoeni Star)
Gagaga Gaial Brand
BAKUOOON (5000GT Star)

Nationality Japan

Bolts is a new generation duelist and one of Joe Kirifuda's rivals in Duel Masters (2017).

He's a wandering duelist, travelling all over the country finding strong opponents. He's also a Duel Master of the new generation, representing the Fire Civilization.


A punkish boy with oversized headphones and a skateboard, Bolts traveled all over the country searching for strong opponents. Even Kira heard of him before when warning Joe about him. A Dachicco Churis resides in his headphones, allowing him to traverse any part of the country through a dimension portal.

Despite his punkish behavior and taking away 99 deck cases from weak duelists before meeting Joe, Bolts have some sense of honor and sportsmanship, seeing potential in promising duelists like Joe and willing to duel them again once they become stronger. He also have great charisma, attending group events and even get along with both people and creature spirits really well.

Dachicco Churis in Bolts's headphones

He can get shocked easily in certain circumstances and things out of the world; shocked that Dachicco Churis which he mistaken for a mouse can talk, surprised on the mechanics of the "True Duel". Like Joe, he can be merciful at times, refusing to finish off the creature spirits in the True Duel. He was also willing to save the creature world for the sake of his creature comrades. He also despises duelists who kills creature spirits under the name of "Justice".


Duel Masters Arc

Bolts and Dachicco Churis first meeting

Bolts is from the Kumamoto region of Japan. During his travels, he met an injured Dachicco Churis whom he almost run over and mistook for a mouse until it spoke, much to his surprise. Bolts treated its leg and was amazed by a creature spirit being in the human world. As a form of gratitude, Dachicco Churis decides to travel with Bolts.

He first appeared in front of Joe Kirifuda, trying to get Joe to duel him but fainted on the spot due to hunger. Bolts was pushed by Joe to Lulu Kirifuda's bar to get food. He was also invited to stay in Joe's home, expressing his comfort of having a warm place to sleep.

Bolts hangs out with Joe and stays as Joe's house for the night, but at the next day he challenges Joe to a duel. In the duel Bolts rushed and went straight into breaking most of Joe's shields quick and despite Joe kirifuda having Jolly the Johnny and other Jokers break all of his shields, his last shield is a creature shield trigger Dokapunk, DoriDori Underground Car which disallowed Johnny's extra win condition. Then he sends out Bad Brand Limited and defeated him. After then at that night he escapes to another place via a portal and Kira follows him.

He was later seen watching Team Usagi's comedy show. On the next day he teleports to the fire lands in the creature world to practice his skateboarding skills. He and Dachicco Churis talks about their first meeting and continues their skateboard practice until they realize that Kira had found them. Kira then engages him in a real life duel like the one Joe encountered a few episodes before, in which he did nothing and let Bolts rush him until a Novalty Amaze is triggered and he uses it to put out Ov Sidia, which easily defeats him. However, when the last creature direct attacked, it instead pierced a hole in the battlefield and it sucked all of Bolts's creatures, leaving him alive and later sucking him in as well, returning him to the real world and he and Dachicco Churis was grateful that they survived.

Bolts and Bad Brand Limited skateboarding showdown

Bolts went to the Fire Lands in the creature world to find a Master Card for himself. He visits one of the houses, home of Bad Brand Limited and Loud Noise Noisy. It was then he learns about the Duel Master title and the balance of creature world being close to falling apart. To test his worth, Bad Brand Limited challenges Bolts to a skateboarding showdown. As both respected each other in terms of skill, Bad Brand Limited forms into a blank card, just like Kira's case before awakening Ov Sidia. He then proceeds to duel a rogue Block King in a real duel.

In the duel the Block King sent out a copy of itself and managed to stop Bolts's rush, But he then attacked creatures with Block King and several other creatures, which caused his lockdown mode to be lost and the blank card became Bad Brand, which he summoned after summoning several creatures, and it was defeated. Just like Joe against the rogue Shizenseijin, Bolts stopped the Bad Brand from killing the block king and returned it to the creature world.

Back in the human world, Bolts continues to assemble his deck. He returns to the Fire Civilization lands and learns from Bad Brand about the true Duel Master's arrival, who is none other than Joe Kirifuda who begged Deckie to take him to the creature world. Bolts dismissed some of the details, much to Bad Brand's annoyance, with the later claiming that the Duel Master cannot be defeated. He and Dadicco runs from the flame rain, skateboarding to a safe spot until Joe lands right on top of him due to Bainaradoor.

In there Dachicco Churis tells him that the Jokers destroyed the Fire Civilization and this angered Bolts, resulting a true duel to happen with the two. Despite him getting the upper hand with his rush tactics, Joe had a Time Stopon in his last shield and sent out 2 Bullet the Silvers, then used them to cost trample Jolly the Johnny and casted Texas Storm to win the game. This results in Joe and Bolts becoming hostile with each other

The misunderstanding in between him and Joe was settled during their task to save Bad Brand after an attack from the Light Civilization. At first Bolts did not want to cooperate with Joe, until Joe risked his own safety to save Dachicco Churis. After some incidents involving traversing a mountain, Joe fixes up Bad Brand by turning him into a card through Deckie and drawing plasters on the card, much to Bolts's annoyance until Bad Brand materialize himself and all fixed up. He then witnessed Joe and Deckie gain the mark of the Fire Civilization and a new Joker under the Fire Civilization Merabeat the Johnny being created.

Since then he has been preparing to fight Kira, and encountered him so the 2 can fight to the death. After hanging out with Joe he encounters Kira and Kira challenges him to a duel. In the duel he used Bad Brand to rush Kira and when DG ~The Thing Made By Man~ sent out Ov Sidia, he used Final Bad Bomber to kill the Ov Sidia only to be defeated when Ov Sidia became Ov Sidia DG and Kira casted a One Eye's Judgment to stop his offense. Kira was about to kill him until he revealed that he is Joe's friend and Kira did not kill him. He then meets Joe again and defeats Joe in an out of screen duel before departing with Joe in the sunset.

During the Christmas celebration in Lulu's bar, Bolts notices Joe's mind wavering on the events he had just witnessed. In order to get Joe for the true battle, he makes Joe attend a training camp.

After Joe defeated Kira and making him realize the extent of his sins, Bolts was relieved that all of this killing without reason was over. During the Fire Civilization Lands festival, Bolts mentions that even though this issue was resolved, the other lands might be affected and an uncertainty of another conflict.

Bolts then helped Joe in skateboarding practice and later on assisted the Jokers to pull Joragon out of Deckie.

Twinpact Arc

Duel Masters King

Bolts is a default member of Joe's party alongside Kira and Cap. During episode 4, he transferred to Joe's school.

In Episode 7, Majigod Brand sent a Dragon egg into earth and Bolts hunted the egg. When it was found, it hatched into Dynabolt, Explosive Dragon Emperor, the King Master of Team Bomber. Zancook wanted to have the egg as well but was defeated.

Bolts is now eliminated from the King of Duematch tourney because of a massive loss streak that was ignited from the stress of losing to Chouki. He pleads Connie for a second chance after Joe settled deals with Zero Jr., but the hostess just took advantage of his desperation and forced him to do a series of ridiculous acts.

However, in Episode 28, upon mistakenly picking up an invitation from Saiki to duel Joe, he takes his place to duel him. Abaku Onifuda and Connie observes the situation, offering Bolts one final chance; if he could defeat Saiki, he will regain his permission as a contestant, but if he was defeated in this duel, he will no longer be permitted entry to his tourney. Despite using his own Master Card, Saiki defeats him easily with a new deck built around Gorio Bugori, Gorira King., securing Bolts's disqualification from the King of Duematch.


He uses a Fire Civilization deck based on the Beat Jockey race, with many cards from DMSD-03 Bolts's Bad Action Dynamite. During the Twinpact Arc, he adds more cards with Beat Jockey's new ability, Gogogo Gangan Galaxy.

However, he is shown to have 99 decks during his meeting with Joe in the park.


Total record: 13 games, 6 wins, 6 losses, 1 interruption.

Opponent Outcome Deck name
7 Joe Kirifuda Victory Seriously B・A・D!


11 Block King
(くみ たてる)
Victory Seriously B・A・D Bad Brand!
17 Joe Kirifuda Loss
27 Kira Seriously B・A・D Bad Brand! Reform
40 Joe Kirifuda Chain B・A・D Bad Brand!
50 巻きマッキー Victory (Unknown)
Opponent Outcome Deck name
2 Kabu Toki Loss B・A・D Victory Declaration!
10 Kejisuki Victory Strongest! G・G・G
15 Kabu Toki Interruption
22 Joe Kirifuda Loss Seriously Bad G・G・G!
30-32 Denden Victory
44 Joe Kirifuda Victory
  • Duel Masters King
    • Notes: Bolts lost against an unknown number of minor duelists between episode 20 to 21. (Enough to deplete his Soul Points fully)
Opponent Outcome Deck name
4 Daichourou Loss Explosive Duel Masters! Team Bomber!
7 Zancook Victory
10 Joe Kirifuda Victory
12 Kira Victory
20 Chouki Loss
28 Saiki Loss
35 Victory
38 Chouki Victory
44-45 Joe Kirifuda Loss


  • Bolts plays a role similar to Kyoshiro Kokujo in the regular series, sharing similar expressions and similarly relentless dueling tactics. Both also went on a solo journey but with different purposes; Bolts finding strong opponents all over the country while Kokujo find strong opponents while getting revenge on Zakira and the Fua Duelists. Also Bolts is more friendly to Joe during their time together in their first encounter, though showing a bit of hostility at first, unlike Kokujo who was totally hostile towards Shobu until the later seasons to show respect to each other.
  • Bolts having a creature partner gives a myriad of possibility; he have some connection to the creature world or a Duel Master candidate as a representative of the Fire Civilization. This was later proven to be true after awakening his own Master Card.
  • He could be extremely strong and possibly even stronger than Joe Kirifuda, but not as strong as Kira.
  • Hammer Churis refers to "火の玉ボルツ" or "Ball of Fire" (Fireball), implying his name is 'Bolts Fireball' or 'Fireball Bolts'.