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  • This card can bring out the following Lupia cards from your deck:
  • Since Bolshack NEX's ability isn't limited to creatures, you can use it to get Legend Lupia Wing from your deck.
  • Bolshack NEX can benefit from a few of the Lupia creatures that it can break out from the deck.
    • Bocco Lupia will guarantee at least 1 destroyed blocker.
    • Cocco Lupia lets you swarm the field with Dragons.
    • Dark Lupia will allow you to destroy an opponent's creature if Bolshack NEX is destroyed.
    • Rinne Lupia and Cutie Lupia will allow Bolshack NEX to be returned to the deck or hand. Rinne Lupia also allows Bolshack NEX to retrieve previously destroyed Lupia creatures.
    • Toppa Lupia allows you to destroy itself on order to untap Bolshack NEX, and allow it to win the battle.
    • Mach Lupia gives it Speed Attacker and allows it to keep summoning Lupia creatures out of the deck.
    • Massu Lupia gives it +1000 Power.
    • Valkyrie Lupia, Sky Lord Dragonmech to search out a Dragon such as another Bolshack NEX.
    • Use Bolshack NEX's ability to bring out Galaxy Lupia. Then use Meteorburn (Whenever this creature attacks, you may put 3 cards under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, search your deck. You may put a creature that has NEX in its name into the battle zone from it. Then shuffle your deck.) to get another Bolshack NEX out from your deck and then a Mach Lupia, giving the two Bolshack NEXs "speed attacker".
      • However, Galaxy Lupia will need creatures to be evolved onto.
Bolshack NEX