• If this creature is put on top of a Draguner or any other creature that is capable of putting a Dragheart using it's Revolution 0 Trigger ability, the creature puts the Draghearts into the battle zone before Bolshack Dogiragon is put on top of it, allowing Bolshack Dogiragon to equip Dragheart Weapons and use their effects.
  • You can use multiple Bolshack Dogiragon's Revolution 0 Trigger abilities at the same time.
  • The order of activation of the revealed creature and Bolshack Dogiragon's come into play effects can be activated in any order by the player.
  • If you put a creature with a force battle effect via Bolshack Dogiragon's effect, the effect references Bolshack Dogiragon's power.

Bolshack Dogiragon
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