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DM-01 Base Set
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Blocker is an evergreen keyword shared between the Light, Water, and Darkness civilizations.


Whenever one of your opponent's creatures attacks you or one of your other creatures than the blocker itself, you are able to tap one of your creatures that has the "Blocker" ability to be attacked instead, blocking the attack. The two creatures then battle each other.

Note that being a blocker is not always a good thing to creatures as sometimes it makes them easier to destroy and become susceptible to Blocked based removal cards.

"Diamond State" cards can allow creatures that have Blocker and/or cannot attack players or attack at all to attack.

Each civilization features key differences with its creatures that have a blocker ability. These include;

  • Light — Has the most amount of creatures with the ability. Their lower powered creatures often can't attack players.
  • Water — Their creatures often can't attack at all and those who are able to attack feature low power.
  • Darkness — While creatures that have the blocker ability are less numerous, they often have the Slayer ability as well. Some also have higher than usual power but are destroyed when they win a battle. A few are able to still attack but feature low power.

There is only one monocolored creature with the Blocker ability that exists in the Nature Civilization; Supernova Bigbang Anastasis. This is likely due to it evolving from 2 races shared by the Light civilization.

This ability has a weaker variant on Fire and Nature creatures, Guardman.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Blocker reads:

Blocker.png Blocker (You may tap this creature to change the attack target of your opponent's creature to this creature.)

The previous reminder text for Blocker read:

Blocker.png Blocker (Whenever an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.)

The DM-01 Base Set wording of this ability used "when" instead of "whenever".


1 Aqua Guard
WaterWater.png / Creature
Liquid People

Blocker.png Blocker (Whenever an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.)

■ This creature can't attack.


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  • Q: Can I block with a creature on my opponents turn the turn after my creature is summoned?
  • Q: Is a tapped creature able to block?
    • A: No. The blocker must be untapped in order to block.

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