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Blankas is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Blankas

Cards illustrated under the name of "Blankas".

 ■ Alephtina, Spiritual Princess
 ■ Amazoness Dragoon
 ■ Aqua Blade, Blue Wolf
 ■ Barnian, Divine Enforcer
 ■ Black Shadow, Darkfang Ninja
 ■ Brother Lizard
 ■ Conflict Skysword, Explosive Burst
 ■ Doggmag, Parasite of Decay
 ■ Elephaust, Phantom Beast Sage
 ■ Fullmetal Lemon, Brave King Mecha
 ■ Fuuta Dragoon, the Untamed Flame
 ■ Hannya, the Great Enigma
 ■ King Scharnhorst
 ■ Lord Eudocia, the Demonic Eyed Viper
 ■ Milk, Satori's Salvation
 ■ Noble Adele, Light Weapon
 ■ Ochappi, Pure Hearted Faerie
 ■ Ouga, the Natural Disaster
 ■ Pedona Nature
 ■ Pepper, Golden Fighter
 ■ Rinne Lupia
 ■ Riquet, Lord of Spirits
 ■ Slime Veil
 ■ Terradragon Mildgarmus
 ■ Truegiant Dokaben
 ■ V-Y, the Patroller
 ■ White Knight Spark
 ■ Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY

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