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Bikkuri Kingdom
Japanflag.png 美孔麗びっくり王国おうこく
Bikkuri Kingdom.png
Phonetic: Bikkuri Ōkoku
Released In: DMRP-15 Phantom Dragon x Swift Attack Genmu Emperor!!!
Civilization(s): Water / Fire
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Bikkuri Kingdom

Bikkuri Kingdom is a race of creature in the Water and Fire civilizations.


This race has an associated keyword, Vividdraw.

It also appears as a subtype on spells and is used by Chouki.

With the exception of their King Master Card, (a Phoenix), the Kingdom's residents largely consist of Mutopia.


Their names are based on stage arts or performance terms. The traditional naming for low rarity creatures are [〇〇 (two Kanji) 者 ××× (Katakana) and are named after stage production terminology.
For example:

Card: Motif:
Comic Relief, Plot Device Comic Relief and Plot device
Kurokokokera, Scene Shifter Kuroko and Kokeraotoshi (the 'opening of a new theater').
MacGuffin, Play's Origin MacGuffin
Villainheel, Absolute Antagonist Villain and Heel

Spells are spelled out as dialogues, and are based on formerly released spells.
For example:

Original Card: New Card:
Energy Stream 「Behold, this is the essence of super science!」
Teleportation 「Start all over from your previous life!」
Ten-Ton Crunch 「Press! Crush! Great Collapse!」


There are currently no cards or evolution creatures that specify Bikkuri Kingdom.