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Big Muscle
Japanflag.png ビッグマッスル
Blaze, the Super Soul artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Biggu Massuru
Released In: DM-14 Generate Gear
Civilization(s): Fire Fire.png
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Big Muscle is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


Big Muscles with a single race feature their full name in Katakana.

Evolution creatures use ちょうこん (Chōkon, Super Soul) in their names.

Creatures that have multiple races use 山脈さんみゃく (Sanmyaku, Mountain).


They seem to resemble golems made up of magma and stone, somewhat similar to a mix of Rock Beasts and Giants.

In the Phoenix Saga they became extinct just like most other races, but returned as a Tyranno Drake fusion in DM-24 (Magmahammer, Battle Dragonic Mountains), then disappeared, but suddenly returned as Magma Chopster in DM-30, and also returned in DM-38 as a fusion with Cyber Moon (Doskoi Firststar). The race hasn't been seen since.


Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Big Muscles

Evolution Creature: Evolves From
Blaze, the Super Soul ■ Evolution—Put on one of your Big Muscles.



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