Belbel, Reaper Doll
Civilization: DarknessDarkness.png
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  3
Race: Death Puppet
English Text: ■ When this creature is destroyed, you may put it from your graveyard on the bottom of your deck. If you do, put a non-evolution creature that has "Reaper" in its name from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Japanese Text: ■ このクリーチャーが破壊された時、墓地から自分の山札の一番下に置いてもよい。そうした場合、名前に (死神しにがみ) とある、進化ではないクリーチャーを1体、自分の墓地からバトルゾーンに出す。
Power:  2000
Flavor Text: Despite the Reapers attempted resistance, Z managed to conquer the civilizations as a dictator and they surrendered. 死神しにがみたちは抵抗したものの、Ζは独裁者として各文明を支配しはじめ、力を差し出させた。 (DM-39)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: AMON
Sets and Rarity:
Other Card Information:
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