Beat Jockey
ビートジョッキー (Bīto Jokkī)
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Beat Jockey is a Mono-Fire rush deck type.


It is a mono-Fire Civilization deck type that aims to defeat the opponent as fast as possible by turn 3 or 4 by swarming masses of weenies and giving them Speed Attacker with the ability of Bad Brand.

Due to the low power of creatures used, it has a weakness to Mega Magma Dragon and other mass removal that destroys based on power. The deck type can also run out of cards in your hand quickly, but it makes up for it with sheer speed and some anti-defense resistances. As all of the creatures are regularly summoned (not For No Cost), they are unaffected by the abilities of anti-metagame cards such as Onikamas, Strange Flow and Senno, Brainwash.

Template Build

Recommended Card:: Amount: Reason:
Bad Brand 4 Major Finisher.
Dachicco Churis 4 Required for spamming Bad Brand.
ChuChuris, First Squad 4 Most important Cost reducer.
Step Churis 3-4 Speed Attacker
Ball Bomb Bomber 2-3 Allows further speed.
Goringoli, Bower Steamship
Bakugetto, Totsugeki Tank
3 Hand Replenishment.
Magnum, Shortshot 3 Anti-creature defense.
Dodonga Roar Cannon 3-4 Super Shield Trigger defense, stops Jokers swarms
Holy, Flash Guardian
Bolmeteus White Flare
DNA Spark
4 Light defense.
Macallan, Explosive Flame Shooter
Nagnag Churis
3 Anti-Oriotis. Against Yadoc, Beast Army use Macallan.
Hop Churis
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
4 One Drops. Hop Churis allows you to plan accordingly.
Block King
Dope Double Boarder
Bad Brand Limited
Gambleman, Land Tank
2 Additional Finishers.
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