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  • Bat Doctor seems to have had many failures in his brain surgery experiments before he decided to stick rusty spikes into his head.
  • Bat Doctor also seems to be the driving force behind Zombie Carnival, where he asks the dead not to sit there like corpses, but to get up and dance.
  • Despite it is a Ghost, it has the naming traits of a Living Dead in the Japanese. (Using a term and 者, Mono behind its name.) Its appearance also resembles a Living Dead as well. This is fixed in the English game where "Shadow of" would be used to identify the creature as a Ghost.
This card has "Isomorphic Resales", cards that are near-functional reprints, but with a different race.
  • These cards are Darkness Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 3, 2000 power and a Put Into Graveyard ability to return another creature from your graveyard to your hand.
Name: Race:
Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath Ghost
Chusha Jusha Funky Knightmare
Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath