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Basara Akagiyama
Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png
Affiliation Duel Masters Land, Rare Killers
Family Jigoro Akagiyama (Father) (Deceased)

Number 2 (Partner)

Voice Actor 福島 潤
Jun Fukushima
Signature Card(s) Redzone, Roaring Invasion
Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden
Dokindam Area, Forbidden of D
Blackout, ZERO Invasion
Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon
Deadly Highway, Runaway of ZERO
Rival Everyone

Basara Akagiyama was first introduced in the Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters anime.

He was part of the secret society of Duel Masters Land and Katta Kirifuda's new rival. After obtaining the unsealed version of Forbidden, his strength and ambitions become on par with Zakira due to the influence of Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden, making him a major enemy of Katta and Lucifer and also indirectly, Shobu Kirifuda, Katta's brother. Later in the series, he became the leader of a cult, the "Rare Killers" and seems to be a husk of his former self whose mind and body was taken over by his forbidden card.

12 years after his defeat by Katta and Team Hamukatsu, he turned himself back into a human, changed his ways and went into being a Motorbike Grand Prix Champion like his father.


He has spiky silver hair and a scar on the left side of his face. His hairdo resembles those of a cross between Zakira and Adam and his appearance and attire closely resemble a speed motorist. He has a habit of touching the scar on his cheek.

Basara's Motorbike gliding on water

He is known to win a duel in only three turns and likes high-speed vehicles, sometimes associating them in his duels. He is also an expert motorist, during the time when he avoids obstacles with ease and his ability to kidnap both Katta and Hamukatsu while driving his motorbike at the same time. One of his prominent vehicles is his red motorbike, which has a symbol of Duel Masters Land and can run in extremely high speeds. The motorbike also can glide on water, shown when he was able to arrive at Lulu's card shop despite being surrounded by water. The motorbike was deemed precious to him as it originally belongs to his late father.

As a child, he grew up in a motherless family. He had a cheerful personality and disposition with his father, looking upon him as his idol. However, the motorbike crash during a motorbike race and not making to the hospital in time which led to his father's death had drastically changed his perception, turning him into a speedster. He also turned himself to dueling as he found it as competitive as motorbike racing, even influencing his dueling style. Due to his thirst of achieving his ambition in the quickest way possible, he is impulsive and goes against anybody's orders, even his own boss without considering the consequences of his actions.

Basara under the influence of Forbidden

After obtaining the unsealed version of Forbidden, his personality becomes darker, very likely due to possession by the card's spirit. He was even willing to defeat any duelists, even attempting to kill them to achieve his ambitions of demolishing all speed limits in the world. As a result, he was seen as a second Zakira, who also destroyed any duelists that stood in his way of gaining his ambition of capturing Duel Masters in the world. He also compares his overall power to be the equal of gods. Under the influence of the dark creature spirit's power, his hair becomes longer, an 'X' mark appears on his hand with the forbidden text extending to his arms. Even Shobu knows that his actions and use of the dark creature spirit must be stopped, to an extent that he decides to be part of the upcoming battle of the warring races. At the end of VSR, he became completely taken over by the card, which caused his muscles to be buffed up and his right hand becoming black and skeletal, with glowing Forbidden Characters written on that arm and an x on his left hand. Due to the massive pain that the card brings, he often sits in the sofa in the Rare Killers home-base immobile while Number 2 does most of the job for him.

His personality also changed upon possession, being highly destructive, going as far as destroying any duelists who dare resists him, but much more calm due to the pain that the card spirit brings. This has also made his thinking less critical and thus Number 2 does most of the thinking for him. However he was at least compassionate enough to let his members leave the cult whenever time they wanted.

Though his only concern is to achieve his ambition, he was compassionate enough to side with his comrades Rambo and Hakase to overthrow Duema Land President, who he had gone against. He also has some sense of honor, disliking the fact that his former boss was cheating in the game.

When he later becomes completely insane due to Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon, he no longer considers Hakase and Rambo his friends and simply seeks to destroy them. However, he shed a tear after "killing" them, indicating that he might still had some compassion before the complete mutation that happens soon after.

In VSRF, as warned by Kojiro's experiences with him, Basara might no longer be human in VSRF and could just be a husk of his former self with Dokindam X's spirit doing whatever it wants to do with his body.

Later on, he was defeated by Lucifer and while seemingly dead, Dokindam X became FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~ to hibernate into a stronger forbidden which caused him to appear with a different set of clothing and his entire right arm becoming grotesquely mutated. His personality has also became dangerously insane in this form as well and he seeks to turn the world into ZERO, with his friend Number 2 giving full support. At some point later both of his arms were mutated.

The Star of Forbidden later became into FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~/Dormageddon X. At this point, his insanity reaches to the point that he kills Kojiro right in front of his own comrades, in which even Shobu won't take his actions lightly if he was even slightly aware of it. Even creature spirits like Katsudon took this matter seriously and went into guiding Katta and Team Hamukatsu in their quest to defeat the dangerous creature spirit. In his final form as a non-human being, he discarded the values of human life, willing to kill anyone who stands in his way, even as insane as destroying the whole planet.[1] Katta even considers Basara as "nothing but a brat who only throws a tantrum", taking all of these measure because of his own selfish belief and distorted desires during the final battle.

He is a spirit friend with Number 2 due to their past relationship and their shared goals, and the 2 often act in unison. However he does not always trust Number 2, especially when his possession by Dokindam X and his insanity grows worse, as shown as he attacked Number 2 when he won against Lucifer because he considers his Number 1 position being taken over. This has later became worse when he went into a killing rampage under the influence of Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon and stabbed Number 2 in the chest with the spikes on his hand when Number 2 tried to quell it.

Basara celebrating his victory with his racing crew

After being defeated by Katta and regaining his humanity, he realized the error of his ways and that he was truly not alone in the world. Taking his father's last message from heart, he restored his friendship ties with the Rare Killers, with some of the members being part of his racing crew. He also helps Joe Kirifuda as a way of repaying the life debt he had owned to Joe's father Katta, and in return Joe has got to respect him. He still have some guilt of his previous actions of potentially destroying both the human and creature world and murdering innocent lives, though remembering Katta's words of controlling his own destiny and that he was not alone puts his mind at ease.



Young Basara with his father

As a child, he watches his father Motorbike Grand Prix races, emerging as a champion every time. He admired his father and aspired to be like him. However, his father was in a motorbike crash during a race and died shortly afterwards due to the ambulance not making it on time to the hospital. He then inherited the red motorbike, which was deemed a memento of his father. Unknown to Basara, his father entrusted an important item to Leo Hyakujuu, who was still an elementary school student at that time for safekeeping, hoping that Leo will give it to Basara when the time was right.

Teenage Basara and Number 2 in a flashback

After the fatal accident, he worked on the motorbike his father left him. During his modification work, he befriends Number 2, who was a mechanic and have the same dream as him. Basara then tests out the motorbike Number 2 build himself and skillfully uses it, prompting Number 2 to declare him as 'Number 1'. They eventually became best of friends. Both got a sponsor from a businessman in their work, but unknown to them, their sponsor's real intention is to get the bike for himself. After they completed their tuning up work, the motorbike glows and they briefly saw the spirit of Redzone, Roaring Invasion. They got attacked by a gang and Basara got hurt, gaining a scar on his face. Their sponsor eventually reveals his dark intentions and he was the one who indirectly killed his father by messing the motorbike structure before the race.

Basara meeting Redzone's spirit for the first time

Angered by the revelation, he fought off the gangsters, even the greedy businessman for murdering his father. Number 2 holds him back and plead him to stop. At a spur of the moment, the spirit of Redzone, Roaring Invasion possesses the motorbike, materializing itself and frightens the greedy man. Basara was surprised that his motorbike turns into a creature spirit, but he had no time to question as both of them fled the scene before the police arrives. Despite the major setback, both Basara and Number 2 kept their dream.

He traveled around the world and participated in motorbike races, including illegal ones with Number 2 as his main mechanic. It was during one of the races he first met Duemouse when he felt that the races did not satisfy him as he always emerged victorious. He was then introduced to the Duel Masters World which excited him after seeing the Elite Four, Katta Kirifuda and Gyou's performance, shown by Duemouse. He then became one of the top duelists of Duel Masters Land. Before the park opening, he informed Number 2 about his position back in their workshop. Number 2 still supports his decision nonetheless of creating a World of Zero.

Some time in the past, he defeated Number 2 in a duel using Schumacher, New World.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He first appears on the white castle of the park, noting on Katta's inability to note on Bucchake's disappearance, commencing his plan. He then appears again wearing his motorbike gear and riding his motorbike within the motorbike arena of the park, avoiding obstacles with ease and obtained a card within the flames, sustaining no damage. Obtaining the card, he decides to show the new power and revolution of Duel Masters to Katta. His actions have caused a huge discussion among the visitors of the park and the internet as he appears as a red flash, which gave him a nickname as 'Red Comet'.

He kidnaps both Katta and Hamukatsu when they were having a meal of curry buns and forcefully placed a helmet on Katta's head. His high-speed ride had caused Katta and Hamukatsu to become dizzy and after reaching his location, he throws both of them right to the duel location. He then forcefully engaged Katta in a dangerous duel after revealing that he and his team are connected to Bucchake's disappearance, declaring that he will win in three turns, causing Katta to fear him. Before he duels, he even removes all but 1 of his shields to prove how powerful he is. During the duel he demonstrates the power of Invasion with his main trump card Redzone, Roaring Invasion. Although Katta's Reckless Cut Scrapper stopped his attempt at a three turn win, he gained victory afterwards.

Basara sealing his victory with Redzone

He then appeared together with his teammates, Hakase and Rambo to discuss about their future plans. Hakase used a programmed robot to target Lulu Takigawa, Hokaben and Benchan. However, their plan was foiled by Lulu after she defeats Hakase through the robot in a duel. After Katta and his friends escaped the underground city, he discussed with Hakase and Rambo about their future developments and participates the Star Cup event.

Under his boss orders, he drove his motorbike to Lulu's card shop and demanded her to sell it. As Lulu refused, he engaged in a duel and made a deal to Lulu that she would have her land back if she won and got points based by the Star Cup rules. Although she was fortunate to have a good progression with a Glory Snow shield trigger, Basara managed to perform a successful three turn kill. However, Lulu's brother Lucifer arrived just in time to halt the duel he was close to winning. Upon identifying Lucifer as one of the finalists of the last season's National Tournament, he left the shop.

Breaking the ancient seal

Getting fed up of waiting, he decided to deal with Lucifer himself despite his boss's orders. He head to the school Lucifer was studying in and his motorbike engine was considered noisy by the students in the library. His boss also arrives using a robot as a communicator also agrees to Basara's conditions and he engages in a duel with Lucifer. Despite his confidence he will win in 3 turns, Lucifer uses his 'Time Stop Duel' to corner Basara, which results in his loss. As part of the deal, Basara's motorbike was destroyed by the President of the park, in which Lulu considered it as being cruel. Returning to the park, he demanded Duemouse to get him a stronger card, which lead him to a highly restricted area where one of the most dangerous card that causes destruction years ago during Shobu Kirifuda's time was kept in an ancient seal. The spirit's voice reaches him to break the seal and Basara was able to break it despite the seal's strength being able to damage him. Once obtaining the card, he was able to resist the card dark abilities and was willing to use it.

He later heads to another location related to Forbidden by ship owned by the park to unlock more of its dark powers. Guided by the light of the card, he went to Antarctica, not knowing the original owner of the card rests there as an statue and was waiting for his own revival.[2] Entering the abandoned base,[3] he encounters the image of Zakira awakening and duels him with the card at stake and the creature's unsealed version. During the duel, his three turn kill was halted by a Hell's Scrapper shield trigger, but he still caught Zakira's attention by his speed-based dueling style[4] and received physical damage when his shields broke. He successfully summoned Forbidden which might have led to the duel a stalemate, but the card got removed by the effect of All Delete instead, revealing a Forbidden Legend Card in it. Even though the duel ended without a winner, the Zakira image allowed him to have the Forbidden Legend card. Basara escaped the collapsing structure due to the impact of the battle and returned to Duel Masters Land riding a new bike. Waiting for revenge against Lucifer, he was unaware his actions might lead to destruction to the Duel Masters World.

When Lucifer interfered the white castle, he intercepted Basara while he was building a new deck and the two dueled with the future of the Duema Land organization at stake. While Lucifer managed to pull off his Time Stop duel and lock down Basara's deck once again with the power of his Rockinstar, Time Dragon and Miradante, Time Revolution, when he destroyed Basara's creatures he unknowingly triggered the effect of Red-End, Super Lightning Sonic which brought back into the battle zone the final Sonic Command Basara needed to awaken the final form of Forbidden, granting him the win. However, before making the final attack, Basara showed slight compassion towards his opponent. Lucifer's fate is unknown, as the President dropped a bomb on him and he disappeared, but Basara took a red petal from his rose before leaving.

Basara sealing his victory with Dokindam X

After failing to find the disappeared Lucifer, the President informs Katta and Lulu that Lucifer is dead and the one responsible was Basara. Angry at the situation, Katta ran down the Duema Land park's roller coaster and met with Basara at its top, dueling him to avenge Lucifer. However, much to his surprise, Basara did not go for a 3 turn kill and instead preferred to spam Sonic Commands in order to remove all of Forbidden's Seals, his new "Forbidden deck" was now equipped with the Initials race to support his new trump card. As such, Katta was rendered unable to trigger the Revolution effect of his Dogiragon, so he simply broke all of his opponent's shields, hoping to win next turn. This gave Basara the cards he needed, for he used a double Invasion, spamming both Redzone and Redzone Z, removing the final seals and awakening Dokindam X, which led to a one-shot kill that brought Katta's defeat. Somehow, the duel was witnessed by one of the legendary duelists Shobu Kirifuda, who he eventually concluded that Basara's actions cannot be ignored and must be stopped.

Basara partially taken over by Dokindam X

In between the time Katta trains with his brother Shobu, Basara continued to destroy more duelists that stood in his way. Katta witnessed his darkened personality and decided to end his senseless ambitions. Even though Basara managed to seal all of Katta's creatures, his victory was delayed when Katta used Shobu's card as a last minute save and using the legend of the 2 Revolutionary Dragons to unseal Dogiragon when its Bolshack counterpart got in the battle zone. In the mists of the duel, the dark spirit of Dokindam X began to show its true colors when its corruption was revealed but faded after Basara suppressed it. The duel table self destructed,[5] Basara was knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital for immediate treatment. However, this was not the end of him, as Basara got up and left the hospital to seek vengeance against the president for betraying him. He later wakes Hakase and Rambo from Zon-san's influence by pouring a pail of water right at them, with all 3 heading out to fight against Duema Land President.

During their trip in the fortress, Hakase sent a mail to Basara's duel phone with a map to locate Dokindam X, with Rambo telling him to go ahead. Basara agrees to their decision of handling things from there. After Hakase and Rambo were defeated by Zon-san in a double duel, Basara sensed something was wrong. Following the map's coordinates, he found the location of Dokindam X and retrieved it, then he headed to face off against the Duema Land President and avenge his comrades. During their match, Basara managed to overcome the president's cheating moves with his new cards that had a sealing ability and by the time he liberated Dokindam X and went for the win, the president got a Surf Spiral shield trigger which he targeted Dokindam in the hopes of ending it all by killing Basara. However, Basara used Marmo, Forbidden C's Ultra Saver effect and defeated the president. The president attempted to escape, but Lulu Takigawa threw the dueling table at him and caused an explosion which destroyed the entire Duema Land. Basara left unharmed with the Forbidden Legend card in his hands.

In the epilogue, he was struggling to control the power of Dokindam X. However influenced by the card's spirit, he had started to take action with Number 2 and the group, the "Rare Killers".

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

During the Rare Killers first action, he managed to suppress Dokindam X's power for a while before his arm was bandaged. One of the members reported to him about failing to seize the rare card Katta had. While Number 2 and Ijiwaru Kiyomori were discussing about stealing Katta's cards, Basara swears revenge on Lucifer and destroys the mini helicopter which he used to spy on them. After watching the duel between Lucifer and Katta, Basara vows revenge on him too and watches as Number 2 dispatches another member of the Rare Killers to go after them.

After Basara gets another rare card from Kojiro Sasaki, he heads to the underground sector with Number 2 to absorb the card's spirit for transfer to Dokindam X. However, as Katta carelessly removes the plaster, it results in Basara's bandaged arm react to Dokindam X's powers. Basara eventually disregards the risks and took out 2 D2 Field cards from the sub-dimension. He returns to the same stadium in which he duels Katta and challenges him to a duel again. He uses Dokindam Area, Forbidden of D Denjara Switch effect to remove all of the seals to Forbidden Liberate at one turn. Even though Katta attempts to get Dokindam X out of the battle zone with Natural Snare shield trigger, Basara saves himself with the D2 Field's effect to prevent him from leaving the battle zone and brutally took Katta down. He then forcefully takes Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution, deeming the dragon spirit as a worthy sacrifice for Dokindam X. The dragon was eventually taken away by one of his minions, Ijiwaru Kiyomori to blackmail Katta, in which he was later defeated and Dogiragon was taken back.

After Kojiro's defeat in the hands of Katta, Kojiro warned to Katta that Basara may no longer be human, and at the same time his possession intensifies, causing Forbidden Characters to appear on his body and his pupils turning into an x.

In Episode 21, Basara and the Rare Killers attack Katta's school. The mob members were mostly taken care by the school's inhabitants such as Leo Hyakujuu and Maria Ave, but Basara appears and encounters Katta. However, Lucifer then drops from the sky, interferes and Duels Basara.

In his Duel, his tactics basically remained the same as his first encounter against Katta in the season, which he gained an upper hand in spite of Lucifer calling out Sido Twelve, Time 3, Fasola Twelve, Time 2 and making a Generarose, Red Rose Dragon Elemental chain. He then proceeds to Forbidden Liberate Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden again using Dokindam Area, Forbidden of D. Before he can commence a direct attack, Lucifer uses his Final Time Stop Duel to reveal a Revolution 0 Trigger to halt his attack.

Basara's reappearance with an unconscious Number 2 after releasing the closed True Forbidden

Cornered by Lucifer's Miradante Twelve, Time Pope, Judgment Time and Final Stop which prevented him from conducting further action, Basara seemingly accepts his end until Number 2 embraced him by the back, making him remember their promise. Determined to achieve this ambition, Basara unleashes Dokindam X's might, which summons a thunderbolt that struck both of them. Holding the unconscious Number 2 over his shoulder, Basara reappears in a different set of clothing and a fully mutated arm through the portal and reveals FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~, which the True Forbidden might be released in time to come.

Having returned to base, he witnesses the True Forbidden resting to evolve and yet he still pulls out a card from it. Number 2 designs a new black motorcycle around that card which is revealed to be Blackout, ZERO Invasion which is capable of making a Zero Charge Kill. Later on, Leo Hyakujuu arrives at the Rare Killers base and challenges him to a duel, which he quickly defeats with his ZERO charge kill tactics using Dokindamoon, Forbidden Moon, Blackout, ZERO Invasion and The ZERO, Black Speed, as well as using Black Touch to remove his Revolution 0 Triggers. But before he can kill Leo, Leo was saved by Katta and the Rare Killers base collapses. He then takes the coocoon as a card and returns to his house along with Number 2, with Number 2 taking action against Lucifer with his forbidden legend card.

After then one day in the Rare Killers base the FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~ has transformed into FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~/Dormageddon X and this has shocked Ijiwaru Kiyomori and Rokuro, and initially Number 2, but Number 2 accepted it as a part of he and Basara's plans. The transformation from Star of Forbidden into Dormageddon X has transformed Basara's personality completely into a monster and this time Kojiro challenges him to a duel.

In the duel he placed World's Last Day into the battle zone at the start of the game which shocked the mob and Kojiro, then Kojiro tries to counter this using Jigokushivaku, D2K and Kill the Borof, Rebellion of K. However, when Kojiro breaks the last shield Basara sends out Blackout, ZERO Invasion using ZERO and liberates Dormageddon X, seemingly killing Kojiro instantly.

Basara trying to kill Katta before he was stopped by Number 2.

After then Katta challenges him to a duel. When he and Katta dueled, the ground lifted and became a hand with the Dueling table, Basara and Katta dueling on it and Number 2 watches the duel on top of one of its claws. During the duel Katta successfully sends out Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader and Team Hamukatsu in spite of Basara unsealing FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~, but he succeeded in unsealing the Forbidden Star and it transforms into Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon and seals all of Team Hamukatsu. Katta then sends out a command trying to unseal Hamukatsuman Buster, No.1 Wind but Dormageddon x prevents the Hamukatsu from being unsealed, but Katta broke all of his shields anyway. He then proceeds to break all of Katta's shields, and on the next turn Katta used Oriotis Judge to stop Dormageddon X, but Basara instead sacrificed 2 of Dormageddon X's forbidden cores and went for the Direct Attack. After Katta was rescued by Ryusei the Earth, Basara transforms into a terrifying figure with both of his arms mutated, removes his cape and tries to kill Katta but Number 2 stops him and he returns to normal for now, still unconscious about what he is doing,[6] but not before he wounded Number 2 in the chest with his spikes. The two then leave via bike.

After then one day Hakase and Rambo went to a construction site to stop Basara. They told that if Basara still considers them their friend, but Basara responded that he never considered them as friends, then quickly defeats them. The two then tried to use a flurry of missiles to destroy the Dormageddon X card only to have it indestructible and the two were "killed" by the card's dark powers and were sent to the forbidden subspace.

After then, he has shed a tear for "killing" them, but then his arms suddenly bursts into a black liquid and engulfed him in a tree where he is now a statue waiting to take his final form which is not human in any form or sense.

Basara's Final Form

During Number 2's duel against Leo, Basara suddenly awakens and transforms into a blue-skinned, red-haired sinister looking figure with a mutated and grotesque right arm. This form is also significantly taller than when he was human. Leo attempts to give him the item that Basara's father gave him but Basara instead takes Number 2 to space where the final battle begins. Basara's humanity was lost and his only objective is the creation of the World of Zero.

In his final duel he used similar tactics as his first duel to awaken the Forbidden Star and destroyed Katta's creatures with Nurgle, Forbidden X and Dorhakaba, Final Forbidden Delta, and he also sealed Hamukatsuman Ace, Brave 1, only to have it unsealed by Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go!. Then at next turn Katta uses Final Dogiragolden in hopes of stopping Dormageddon X's direct attack as well as destroying four of Dormageddon's cores but he then sent a Dordrain, Final Forbidden Beta and an Overkill Graveyard so Dormageddon X can direct attack. However Katta used Curry Bread of the Universe to turn Hamukatsu into a curry bun which gave Dogiragolden enough power to defeat Dormageddon X while Basara engages in physical combat with Katta but was punched into the ground. He was returned to normal by a healing light from the creature world princess Prin Prin's spaceship which removes Dormageddon X's corruption and scar with Number 2 shedding a tear at him.

12 years after the Dormageddon X incident, Basara had changed his ways and participates in legal motorbike grand prix races along with Number 2 and his crew consisting of Hakase, Rambo, Iijiwaru and Rokuro. Katta's son Joe Kirifuda was watching Basara's race with his mother Lulu Takigawa. Basara and his crew celebrates their victory until Joe shows out of nowhere and stalks him, causing him to run until they entered a cliff where Joe challenges him to a duel. In the duel Basara uses his speed tactics to counter Joe fairly easily, even burning Joe's Bainaradoor with Redzone Z, Passionate Invasion to seal his direct attack. He reveals that Katta have given Basara a message meant for Joe.


Duel Masters Versus: Manga

After his introduction in anime he was first introduced in Duel Masters Versus Manga: Volume 6. In manga his history and his rivalry to Katta remains same except for some of his duels that differ from the anime series. He uses the same deck and cards as in anime.

Later in the manga series his hand was transformed same as in the anime series, after meeting with his old friend Number 2 he became the leader of Rare Killers. But in manga his team of rare killers feature 9 members where-as in anime his team feature 10 members.




Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 3-4 Katta Kirifuda Victory Redzone's Zone
Episode 12 Lulu Takigawa Victory Redzone's Zone
Episode 22-23 Lucifer Loss Redzone's Zone
Episode 28 Zakira Interrupted Redzone's Zone
Episode 30 Lucifer Victory Forbidden Power
Episode 33 Katta Kirifuda Victory Forbidden Power
Episode 37 Katta Kirifuda Interrupted Forbidden Dokindam
Episode 44 Duema Land President Victory Forbidden Dokindam

He uses a Fire Civilization deck based on the Invader/Sonic Command/Human Baku race. His first deck is focused on Rush capabilities to allow him to win in 3 turns. Late he adds the Forbidden card. He dubs it "Redzone's Zone".

He later uses cards from DMD-27, plus the unsealed version of Forbidden, dubbing his new deck a Forbidden Deck. He calls it "Forbidden Power".

Later he updates his deck with more cards from DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X as well as from DMR-20 Gyuujinmaru's True Identity!!. As it is even more focused on Dokindam X, he calls it "Forbidden Dokindam".

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final


Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 6-7 Katta Kirifuda Victory Forbidden Zone of Horror
Episode 21-22 Lucifer Loss Forbidden Zone of Horror
Episode 24 Leo Hyakujuu 2 Turn Kill Jet Black Zero Charge Kill
Episode 29 Officer Serious 2 Turn Kill (Again) Jet Black Zero Charge Kill
Episode 30 Kojiro Sasaki Victory Final Forbidden
Episode 33-34 Katta Kirifuda Victory Final Forbidden
Episode 40 Hakase and Rambo Battle Royal Duel
Final Forbidden
Episode 41 & 42 Katta Loss Final Forbidden
Episode 49 Joe Kirifuda Victory Sonic Speed Ahead!

He first used an updated DMD-31 which he called "Forbidden Zone of Horror".

For his duel against Leo he went for a Zero Turn Kill with new cards from DMR-22 The World of Zero!! Blackout!!, calling it "Jet Black Zero Charge Kill".

Using this deck, He claims that he can kill (beat) an opponent within 2 turns, which he used the opponent's For No Cost summons to spam Blackout, ZERO Invasion and The ZERO, Black Speed to rush and defeat the opponent within a 2 turn frame.

Then he added cards from DMD-35 and DMR-23 Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X, calling his deck "Final Forbidden".

His final deck was an homage to his "bike" strategies, calling it "Sonic Speed Ahead!".

Duel Masters!!


Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 15 Joe Kirifuda Victory Dreadful Redzone

This deck is only used in Joe Kirifuda's dream. He does not appear in person during the actual story.

Duel Masters King!


Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 17 Joe Kirifuda Loss

He uses a deck centered around Crim Zone, Invasion of D when facing off against Joe Kirifuda in the past.


  • In reality, a rush deck will most likely win in the same amount of turns or one more that Basara needs to take.
  • The scar on his face resembles the Master's scars.
  • In the manga, he does not have a scar on his face and he wears a cross-shaped necklace as compared to his anime appearance.
  • He was one of the few humans who momentarily saw and was saved by a creature spirit along with Number 2.
  • Basara and Lucifer have the most consistent win rates of any duelist in the VS era.
  • He was the first main antagonist to lose his humanity due to a dark creature spirit, though was saved by the creature spirits Prin Prin and Katsudon.
    • Consequentially, he is also the first duelist in the anime who does not have full control over his trump card.
  • While he was close to destroying the world, which might make him a potentially-wanted criminal by the Junior Duelist Center like Zakira, he was set free easily because he was merely possessed by Dokindam and Dormageddon. He did wish for a world of ZERO and worked for Duel Masters Land, a criminal organization in the past, but he did have some conscience before he was completely possessed by the card's spirit due to Benny Haha's irresponsible acts.
  • Both Basara and Zakira have some common traits:
    • Both use Fire and Darkness as their main Civilization.
    • Both have a similar hairdo. Basara has blue skin like Zakira in his final form.
    • Both aim to destroy the Duel Masters World for their own benefits; Basara wanted to create a World of Zero and Zakira wanted the Duel Masters Proof for himself.
    • Both have dark powers; Basara utilizing the power of Forbidden and its variation to create certain effects and Zakira uses curses and psychokinesis to inflict damage on duelists in a duel.
    • Both are opposed by the main protagonist of their respective dueling era; Katta Kirifuda opposes Basara and Shobu Kirifuda opposes Zakira. Coincidentally, both the protagonists are siblings from the Kirifuda family, use Fire as their main Civilization, Dragons as their main creatures and have a spiritual connection to the creature world.
    • Both made an on-screen kill in a duel, though Kojiro was just trapped in a subspace and Leo was saved by Katta.
    • Both have the highest dueling skills among duelists in their same era; Basara is only defeated twice throughout VSR and VSRF and both times by Lucifer, the single strongest duelist of the VS era before the final confrontation between him (Basara) and Katta, while Zakira is only defeated once by Shobu and another time by Adam[7] throughout the old manga.
    • However Basara was a normal person, yet an antagonistic character before his possession by Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden while Zakira was born with the mission to destroy all duelists since his young graduation from his university.
    • Additionally, Basara's actions are generally straightforward and usually consist of mindless rampages and killing sprees while Zakira would use all means to catch and destroy all who oppose him, even if it means brainwashing and kidnapping his foes and pursuing them to the furthermost ends of the world.
  • He shares some similarities with Adam as;
    • Both have lost their family members which leads to their distorted desires in destroying the world; Adam lost his sister Eve during the war while Basara lost his father Jigoro Akagiyama due to an orchestrated motorbike race accident.
    • Both wants to destroy both the human and creature world for their own benefits and distorted beliefs; Adam wants to drown the world in end all present and future wars while Basara aims to create a World of Zero due to his own misjudged belief.
    • Both were defeated by the highest level duelists which were coincidentally siblings from the Kirifuda Family in the final battle; Adam was defeated by Shobu Kirifuda while Basara was defeated by Katta Kirifuda.
    • Both were also the final enemies encountered in the Kirifuda sibling's adventures.
    • Both of them also had similar fates after their final battle, in which they lose their former warped personalities and cooperated with the protagonists they fought against in the past, which is Shobu and Katta, respectively.
    • Again, both have a similar hairdo.
  • In the final episode of Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final, Joe Kirifuda drew a card based on him, combining the effects of Redzone, Roaring Invasion, Redzone Z, Passionate Invasion and Blackout, ZERO Invasion:
6 Basara
DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png/ Creature

■ Double breaker


■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all your opponent's creatures that have the highest power. Then, choose one of your opponent's shields for each creature destroyed this way and put it into his graveyard.

Basara Card.jpg


  1. which also means killing all life in the planet
  2. However, he never made an appearance after this episode
  3. Which is one of the location where the manga series Star Cross takes place
  4. empowered by Redzone, a card which Zakira had not seen before
  5. Which was the work of Duema Land President
  6. Proving that he has completely been taken over by Dormageddon X
  7. With the latter that finally killed him for a good time