• Q: Is the Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu ability different from Gate of Moonless Night?
    • A: Yes, the timing for both abilities are different, instead of triggering when a magic tool is put into the battle zone, the Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu triggers at the end of each turn if there are a total of 6 or more magic tools in the graveyard or battle zone. Furthermore, because there is no specific requirement on the number of magic tools that must be present in battle zone or graveyard, it is possible to choose all 6 magic tool from graveyard.
  • Q: During the end of my turn, I used the Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu to put Bangetsu Ga Ryuzak 卍 into the battle zone. My opponent has a Deathmatch Beetle in the battle zone and it battled Bangetsu Ga Ryuzak 卍. Can I use the Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu ability again since it lost the battle and was sent to grave?
    • No. End of turn abilities can only be triggered once when the turn moves into the end phase.
  • My opponent can only untap up to 3 mana, however at the end of their previous turn, they conveniently untapped all their mana. What should I do?
    • A: Your opponent's action during the previous turn is against the rules. If you are using a deck with Bangetsu Ga Ryuzak 卍, please point out to your opponent to only untap their mana at the start of their turn.

Bangetsu 卍 Ga・Ryuzark 卍 / Bangokusatsu
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