• This creature's name ロッソ (Rosso) means red in Italian. As the name suggests, Ballom's body is now red and black colored, resembling blood. In addition, its name sounds slightly familiar to ロスト (Lost) from Lost Soul, alluding to the popular discard spell since this is the first Ballom to feature a discard effect.
  • This creature's artwork features eyes on its chest and hands similar to Dorballom, Lord of Demons, and Olgate, Nightmare Samurai's flavor text talks about a White Ballom (most likely Dorballom) getting bloodstained and becoming Ballom Ross, thus indicating that this incarnation is its next form.  
  • This is the second monocolored Ballom, after Dorballom D, Demon Dragon King, that is not drawn by Ittoku.

Ballom Ross, Lord of Demons
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