Balesk Baj Turbo
ターボバーレスク (Tābo Bāresuku)
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Balesk Turbo is a Turbo deck type.


The deck aims to quickly mana ramp to 17 mana with the use of Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing, in order to summon Scarlet Skyterror to remove blockers and then evolve into Balesk Baj, the Timeburner in a single turn.

8 Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing
NatureNature.png/ Creature
Gaia Command

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, count the number of cards in your mana zone. You may put that many cards from the top of your deck into your mana zone tapped.

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ Mana Reburst 9 (You may summon this creature from your mana zone by paying 9.)

8 Scarlet Skyterror
FireFire.png/ Creature
Armored Wyvern

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all creatures that have "blocker".

9 Balesk Baj, the Timeburner
FireFire.png/ Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png
Armored Wyvern

■ Evolution—Put on one of your Armored Wyverns.

■ Whenever this creature is attacking your opponent and isn’t blocked, take an extra turn after this one.

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ At the end of your turn, return this creature to your hand.

It is a Fire and Nature civilization deck type that commonly uses Water for support, but some also use Light for protection cards such as Patrial Flame or Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning.

Early turns are usually just Mana Acceleration and draw. If your opponent is playing Card Discard, it is better to put your combo pieces in your mana zone.

After reaching 8 mana, you want to put Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing into the battle zone to double and accelerate into 16 mana. On the next turn, you will have 17 mana and can play Scarlet Skyterror and Balesk Baj, the Timeburner in a single turn.

At this stage if you are missing a combo card, you can use cards such as Mystic Dreamscape to return them from your mana zone to your hand. Streaming Tutor and Mystic Treasure Chest also increase the chance of adding the appropriate cards into your hand or mana zone respectively. Fire Crystal Bomb and Kabra Katabra can also be used to return them to your hand.

If your opponent doesn't control a creature that has Blocker in the battle zone, you can evolve into Balesk Baj with just 12 mana using Cutthroat Skyterror.

While after using Scarlet Skyterror, the main defense of an opponent is removed, cards such as Hayabusamaru, Lightfang Ninja or other Ninja Strike abilities can be used against your attacks. Cards such as Invisible Suit or Onikamas, Strange Flow can be used to prevent any shield trigger creatures that have blocker from protecting them.

Main Cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Balesk Baj, the Timeburner Key card
Scarlet Skyterror Blocker Removal, evolution bait
Mana Bonanza
Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing
Mana Acceleration

Candidate Cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Streaming Tutor Hand Addition
Mystic Dreamscape Mana Recovery
Cutthroat Skyterror Cheap evolution bait
Storm Javelin Wyvern Untap killer, evolution bait
Super Flaming Hell's Scrapper Shield trigger removal
Natural Snare Shield trigger removal
Leaf Storm Trap Shield trigger removal
Bronze-Arm Tribe Come Into Play mana acceleration
Faerie Life Mana Acceleration
Mystic Treasure Chest Put combo pieces into mana for Mana Recovery cards
Ruins of the Lion King Mana Acceleration
Sanctuary of the Mother Send evolution from mana to battle zone
Torpedo Skyterror Power Attacker and evolution bait
Faerie Shower Hand Addition and Mana Acceleration
Prometheus, Splash Axe Mana Acceleration + Mana Recovery
Innocent Hunter, Blade of All Evolution bait
Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution Doubles Multi civ mana and allows summon from mana
Immovable, Proud Soul Keeps Balesk in battle zone
Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning Blocker and Evolution Bait
Saint Reverse Shield Addition and Mana Recovery
Onikamas, Strange Flow Prevents cards such as Hayabusamaru, Lightfang Ninja to prevent extra turn

4 Civ Ramp Template Deck

Amount: Recommended cards: Reason:
3x Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning Defense and evolution source for Balesk Baj, the Timeburner
2x Balesk Baj, the Timeburner The core card of the deck, gives extra turn.
1x Blue Dragon Earth Situational Shield trigger which allows you to send forth creatures such as Wilhelm and Great Grasper
1x Codeking Wilhelm Fixed Removal, Mana Burn, Mana Acceleration.
1x Completely Unidentified Situational stalled that can be very powerful in late games
1x Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Anti Rev Change and anti-mill card, can be combo'ed with Romansek to send grave to deck
3x Great Grasper Creature removal and allows you to send out almost any one of the creatures in this deck from your mana, even Balesk Baj.
2x Innocent Hunter, Blade of All Evolution Source for any evolution creature. Innocent, the Invoked can also be used.
3x Dondon Vacuuming Now Removal, Hand Addition, Shield Trigger
2x Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental Good defense esp with the Shield Trigger and can be used to Revolution Change into either Puchohenza or Wachagona
2x Lionel, Zenith of "Ore"
Lionel, Lion Zenith Dragon
Either of the Lionels can be used.
3x Prometheus, Splash Axe Mana Acceleration, Mana Recovery. Can be used when all finishers end up in mana
2x Puchohenza, Mia Moja Aggressive Defense, secondary finisher
1x Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Massive Mana Acceleration and Grasper base
4x Ruins of the Lion King Mana Acceleration
2x Stepple, Cherry Blossom Wind Faerie Improved version of Jasmine, Mist Faerie as it can add mana and also act as Grasper bait
2x Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go! Defensive card that can remove weenies or Draghearts
1x VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" For when the opponent has either too many Dragons Commands or both
1x Wachagona, Muen Zangu Secondary finisher plus D2 Field securer
3x Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution Heart of the deck, boosts many and allows mana summon once per expansion

How to Play

English version

This variant only uses cards released in the first 12 sets.

Recommended cards: Reason
Ultimate Force Mana Acceleration, needed to get Balesk out quickly
Soulswap Swap Armored Wyverns and Aqua Deformer into the battle zone
Rocketdive Skyterror Low cost Unattackable Armored Wvveryn
Shtra Mana Recovery
Twin-Cannon Skyterror Finisher
Energy Stream Card Draw
Aqua Deformer Mana Recovery
Fighter Dual Fang Mana Acceleration, other finisher
Hurricane Crawler Mana Manipulation
Natural Snare
Spiral Gate
Creature Removal
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