Bad Brand
“罰怒” ブランド
Bad Brand (Character).jpg
Civilization(s) FireFire.png
Voice Actor 林大地

Bad Brand was one of Boltz's creature spirits.


Duel Masters 2017

He is the leader of the new Fire Civilization and has a fiery personality. However, he does care about his Fire civilization comrades like Boltz.

He first appeared as Boltz's trump card which easily defeated Joe Kirifuda but was easily defeated by Kira's Ov Sidia. However, in that time he was still in his Limited form and so Boltz made a pact with him to power him up, which involves racing his stakeboard over the Fire Civilization grounds. After then he fully power ups and guides him to defeat a Duel Warrior Block King.

Later on he was suddenly attacked by Ov Sidia of the light civilization and was left in the floor heavily damaged, and Joe decides to save him. Despite Joe and Boltz fed him a flaming hot dog, it did not work, but when Joe stuck bandages to the card, the card repairs itself and Bad Brand returns to normal, finally giving his power to Joe and allowing him to create Fire Jokers.

Bad brand is only represented in 3D Animation.

Duel Masters!

In order to help Boltz in the new fight, Bad Brand reveals his more powerful form, Gogogo Brand.

Duel Masters!!

He appeared as Majigod Brand.

After equipping CLIMAX-ARMOR!, he gained an additional form, Climax Brand.

Background Story

Bad Brand is the leader of the fire civilization who went to a battle with the powerful Ov Sidia and was defeated since he was in his Limited form. However, after making a pact with a human he became his true form and fought Ov Sidia, and he also fought Jolly the Johnny, who defeated him and obtained his power, turning Johnny into Merabeat the Johnny.

Card Representations

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