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裏面 (Rimen)
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Back is a part of the card frame.


It refers to the backing of a physical card, opposite to where the Mana Cost, Card Name and other card details such as Race and Power can be found.

It only features the Duel Masters logo over a blue and yellow background.

During a game, cards can be seen face down on cards that are on the top of a deck, cards in a shield zone, as well as cards in the opposing players hand and seals in the battle zone.

As creases and scratches cause visible damage to the back, it is considered a form of marking and tournament violation for being able to determine the identity of a card before it is seen. It is recommended to use card sleeves to prevent damage to your cards.

The promotional printing of Galberius Dragon has a Red card back instead of the regular Blue and is specified as a Disabled Card and illegal for gameplay.

DMX-12 Black Box Pack printed a card, Aurora of Reversal with a card back printed upside down. Unlike Galberius Dragon, it is still allowed to be played as it can be placed face down next to other cards while still indistinguishable from the others.

While the gameplay of the Duel Masters (Card Game) and Kaijudo is similar to each other, they can't be used together due to the completely different card back design.

However, Tatsurions crossover printing in DMX-12 Black Box Pack can be used as it features a regular Duel Masters card back.

Cards such as Psychic Creatures, Draghearts and Forbidden cards that are double-sided don't have a card back. Because of this, they are not included in the main deck to prevent providing public information.

In early seasons of the anime series and manga volumes, the Duel Masters logo is often omitted with only the background being drawn.

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