• Q: There is a creature among the ones I destroyed to summon this creature that has an effect that starts with "When this creature is destroyed..." When can I use this ability?
    • A: Use it after you've finished summoning this creature.
  • Q: I have 5 mana. Can I destroy 2 of my own creatures to summon this creature?
    • A: Yes. You don't need to have 9 mana to summon this creature. If you destroy 1 of your creatures, you need 7 mana. If you destroy 2 creatures, 5 mana and so on.
  • Q: Can I use this creature's effect to destroy my own creatures if I don't have enough mana to put it into the battle after the cost reduction?
    • A: No. You have to summon this creature to use its effect. First, declare a summon. Then apply cost reduction. Then pay the mana cost.

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