Japanflag 彩樹
Pixiv: 8611
Twitter: ayaki_generatio

Ayaki is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

He is the same person who drew Tenryuu in Kantai Collection, albeit with a different alias.

List of cards illustrated by Ayaki

Cards illustrated under the name of "Ayaki".

 ■ Alice, Chaos Witch
 ■ Alice, Codebreaker
 ■ Aqua Genius, Cyber Admiral
 ■ Atlantis, Deepsea Evangelist
 ■ Chile, Bloody Believer
 ■ Cyber J Shin
 ■ Erikatchu, Diva Style
 ■ Gachinko Dice
 ■ Guard Gainor, Electro Troop
 ■ Hibiki, Explosive Mirror
 ■ Insert Wing, Clothing Interceptor
 ■ Kariisabira, Magical Heaven of Toasting
 ■ Muttamegas, Spirit of the White Lion
 ■ Noten Drill, Shadow of Perforation
 ■ Undeux Trois, Darkness Princess

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