Awakening Cards were featured in the Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime. They play a vital role in the Cross and Cross Shock season of the anime and Fighting Edge in the manga


The Awakening Cards are 7 cards with the power of The Great Spirit of Duel Masters equally distributed in each of them. These cards have the power to bring in phenomenon effects upon duelist and his surroundings. These cards cannot be controlled or awaken by any Kaijudo duelist only the true Kaijudo duelist with purest powers of their own spirits within themselves could awaken these cards.

If these cards are brought together, all 7 of them they could bring upon unimaginable amount of power which could bring a great catastrophe and destruction upon our planet. Zakira had used such power it is called the Judgment Ball and the device he used to create is Judgment Table. With this device he can gather the phenomenal power of these cards and use it for almost anything. He used this power to power up his Fua Castle and change it into a fortress, but the worst purpose he used this power was to form legendary Judgment Ball which he used it on Shobu and Rekuta but he was saved by Potman.

If these all 7 cards are brought together they will form back into the Great Spirit of Duel Masters which Zakira was after for years. Zakira once had this power through The Great Kaijudo Duel Masters Tournament but he soon lost this power against Shori Kirifuda and so the power got distributed into the following 7 cards.

  1. Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity
  2. Bolberg Cross Dragon
  3. Alphadios, Lord of Spirits
  4. Elupheus, Lord of Spirits
  5. Dual Shock Dragon
  6. Dorballom, Lord of Demons
  7. Zero Phoenix, Phoenix of Darkness

The Great Spirit of Duel Masters used to be with Yaesar, its guardian, until it was stolen by Zakira. Its power was later distributed into the 7 Awakening Cards. These cards can only be awakened by The True Kaijudo Duelists:

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