Aurora Marriage
オーロラマリッジ (Ōrora Marijji)
Japanese Wiki: 6387

Aurora Marriage is a combo deck type.


It was created in Episode 2 and focuses on massive mana acceleration with the help of Aurora of Reversal that leads to the Gravity Zero of Gabriella, Holy Princess which in turn provides evolution bait for Codecommand Death Marriage.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Codecommand Death Marriage Core of the deck
Aurora of Reversal Core of the deck
Miradante, Time Revolution Excellent synergy with Aurora of Reversal and Gabriella, Holy Princess, compliments Death Marriage's weaknesses.
Gabriella, Holy Princess Main evo bait for Death Marriage
Sanctuary of the Mother Gets Death Marriage from the mana zone
Jasmine, Mist Faerie Early Mana Acceleration
Faerie Life More early Mana Acceleration
Mystic Treasure Chest Gets Death Marriage in the mana zone
Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight Free blocker
Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage Mana recovery
Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation Stalls the opponent
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Powerful discard
Lifeplan Charger Charger + creature search
Intense Vacuuming Twist Shield trigger bounce + card advantage
Aqua Surfer Shield trigger bounce
Terror Pit Shield trigger removal
Lost Mind Torture Powerful discard against spell heavy decks
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