Attacking Creature
攻撃クリーチャー (Kōgeki Kurīchā)
Japanese Wiki: 5236

Attacking Creature refers to a creature (usually your opponents) that has declared an attack.


It was first seen on Forbidding Totem.

5 Forbidding Totem
Nature / Creature
Mystery Totem


■ Your opponent's attacking creatures attack Mystery Totems if able.

3 Curse Guy, Suicidal Treasure
Darkness / Creature
Pandora's Box


■ Whenever your opponent's creatures attack, destroy this creature. Then destroy your opponent's attacking creature.

Common Rule Misunderstanding

The able of "your opponents creatures attack ~, if able" that appears on Forbidding Totem or Samba Totem is a commonly misunderstood ability.

It doesn't force your opponents creatures to attack, and only limits what they attack if they choose to attack. They can therefore choose to not attack your creatures at all. This is different from a card such as Heavy, Dragon God that has a forced ability where your opponents creatures must attack creatures while it's linked.

Each of these creatures have abilities that limit the attack target.

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