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攻撃アタック (Kōgeki, Atakku)
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Attacking is a game action your creatures in the battle zone can take against either your opponent or their tapped creatures in the battle zone.


To have one of your creatures attack, tap it and declare what you want to attack against. There is no limit to the number of times a creature can attack each turn as long as it is untapped and you can tap it.

When a creature attacks another creature, they battle. The creature with the higher power wins the battle. The losing creature goes to its owner's graveyard. If the powers are tied, both creatures go to their owners' graveyards.

When a creature attacks your opponent and isn't blocked, you choose one of your opponent's shields. (Creatures that have "This creature can't attack players" can't attack shields.) Your opponent must put the broken shield into their hand and puts any castles fortifying that shield into their graveyard. If a creature attacks your opponent when he has no shields left and isn't blocked, you win the game.

If a creature would be destroyed by a card effect when it is tapped to attack (for example, Aqua Hulcus having its power decreased to 0 power and getting destroyed due to Necrodragon Zanjibar's effect), the attack is immediately canceled before the opponent chooses to block.

Do not attack your opponent blindly as it may cause Shield Triggers to pop out in surprise which may turn the tide of the entire game itself to the opponent's favor. If you want to use an Attack Trigger, attack a creature instead as it is safer. If you want to attack your opponent, find a way to amass enough attack power or control the battlefield before you attack him.