Atsushi Tracking
トラッキング アツシ
Civilization(s) WaterWater
Voice Actor 森田 了介
Ryōsuke Morita
Signature Card(s) Codename iFormulaX

Atsushi Tracking is a character introduced in the Duel Masters Victory Vseason of the Duel Masters Anime.

He is a member of the YA.RA.SI band, playing as the DJ.


He often says "Barome" at the end of his words.


Duel Masters Victory V

After defeating Gennai Saiba, he challenged Dan Danda to a duel, in which Dan Danda's Dark Lupia destroyed his Codename iFormulaX. Then he summons another IformulaX but his cards in this hand is not enough to merit an extra win so he gets defeated.

He creates sounds in his body in order to disrupt opponents.


Duel Masters Victory V

It aims to draw until he reaches 10 cards in his hand in order to fulfill the game winning condition of Codename iFormulaX. In order to have enough cards in his hand he uses Secret Clocktower as well as Excavator MS, Fused Giant Soldier to gather the cards he needs, while also bouncing his opponent's creatures the same time.

He uses a Light and Water civilization deck based on Great Mecha Kings.

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