Civilization(s) FireFire
Affiliation Fua Duelist
Voice Actor 水田 わさび
Wasabi Mizuta

Ash was first introduced in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He is a member of the Fua Duelists. He is marked as (A) and ranked as the last 26th member of the organization.


Duel Masters Charge

He is the youngest member of Fua Duelist. He was also selected through the Duel Room but he does not have many close friends. He defeated many random duelists in his way so that he could become a member of Fua Duelist. During the ritual of Hakuoh he did not knew what was going on and as he is the newest and youngest member of the organization. He first appeared at Battle Arena Tournament as a hostage of Miss Kirumi but later when he was about to be saved by the White Knight he revealed that he is actually a member of Fua Duelist.

Usually other members have to tell him about everything going on around him since he is so young and new. He once tried to touch Bolberg Cross Dragon which was newly stolen from Shobu and got a repulsive shock from it. Then he was told even Hendrix has to wear armor gloves to steal this card. He also told Zakira when he saw Shobu and his friends in the mid air trying to get into the Fua Castle. Zakira upon looking at it immediately asked Love and Never to stop them from invading the current ritual going on. During all the ritual and the events happened in this season he was mostly by the side of Qumbeech, Peeskwhy Perfect and Zakira.

Duel Masters: Star Cross

Ash is a prodigy who entered university when he was 3 years old, where he met Zakira and Oasis. He has developed a close relation to Zakira since then.

In Star Cross, when most of the Fua Duelists were killed by the fake Xanadu, he and Zakira were the only survivors and they plead Shobu for help.

Then he lost against Trouble and was captured.

When Zakira lost in his duel against Adam, he was killed alongside him.


He uses a Fire Civilization deck based on low mana cost Speed Attacker creatures and Cross Gears.


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