Armored Wyvern
Japanflag アーマード・ワイバーン
Phonetic: Āmādo Waibān
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Fire
Japanese Wiki: 28
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Armored Wyvern is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


Each of the non-evolution Armored Wyverns have ワイバーン (Wyvern) in their name as a suffix.

In the English game, this has been translated as "Skyterror" instead.


They are wild species captured and bred for fighting by the Dragonoids. They resemble winged Dragons and come in many shapes and sizes. Once only found in the wild, Armored Wyverns are now rarely seen outside of captivity. On the farm, they are combat-trained to fight with or without a Dragonoid on their backs. Like Dragonoids, they are able to weaponize themselves in the event of war. Well trained, this species presents a formidable unified military force. In the Reincarnation Saga, they can be used by Feathernoids.


Creatures that evolve from Armored Wyverns:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Balesk Baj, the Timeburner 1x Armored Wyvern



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