• While this creature is a Human, due to its immense armor, it resembles an Armorloid.
  • Due to its armor and weaponry's weight which weighs over several tonnes, it uses a walking device to support it.
This card is part of the following cycle in the DM-02 set.

Evolution Creatures
(Each of these creatures are Evolution Creatures in the 5 civilizations, each civilization using the same race of creature. Each race features both a Super Rare and Uncommon card.)

Civilization: Race Super Rare: Uncommon:
LightLight Guardian Ladia Bale, the Inspirational Larba Geer, the Immaculate
WaterWater Liquid People Crystal Paladin Crystal Lancer
DarknessDarkness Parasite Worm Ultracide Worm Chaos Worm
FireFire Human Armored Blaster Valdios Armored Cannon Balbaro
NatureNature Beast Folk Fighter Dual Fang Barkwhip, the Smasher
Armored Blaster Valdios
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