Ari Kamone
Ari Kamone
Civilization(s) FireFire
Affiliation Rare Killers
Voice Actor 松山 鷹志
Takashi Matsuyama
Signature Card(s) Godfather, D2G

Ari Kamone is a character in the VSRF series of the anime and is a member of the Rare Killers.


A fat and grosteque looking mafia boss. His breath is so foul that it fainted Dobin Sensei. He says "Kamone" at the end of his words.


He was dispatched by Number 2 after Ijiwaru Kiyomori was defeated a second time and starts by kidnapping Hokaben, Lulu Takigawa, Duemouse, Dobin Sensei and a bunch of students in Katta's school with a bunch of mafia men in black and when Dobin Sensei tried to confront him, he fainted him with his super-foul breath. Then Katta came in and he was kidnapped as well. After that, he starts pinching his lackey and Katsuemon's nose with a crab (Which Katsuemon endured while his lackey cannot) and has another one of his lackeys and Team Hamukatsu eating a plate of crickets (Which Team Hamukatsu happily did while his lackey refused), and then proceeds to boil another one of his lackeys and Bosskatsu with super hot water (Which Bosskatsu endured but his lackey cannot). Finally, he challenges Katta into a duel.

In the duel, he used Arena Kamone, Firefighting of D to break 3 of Katta's shields and destroy his creatures, then used its Denjara Switch and Godfather, D2G to allow him to break his remaining shields and remove all of his creatures save for Briking, Deluxe. However, one of the broke shields was an Ifrit Hand which destroyed his Godfather, which allowed Katta to send out Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader and used its Final Revolution effect and he was defeated.

After Basara's release from possession by Katta, his whereabouts were unknown.


He was shown first in the manga as a member of 'Rare Killers' but was shown only as a hooded character but he was first properly introduced in Duel Masters Versus Manga: Volume 8


Like all of the members of the Rare Killers, he uses an Initials deck.


  • His appearance and status as a mafia boss matches his trump card, Godfather, D2G.
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