Civilization(s) WaterWater FireFire
Affiliation Team Exile
Voice Actor 三佳氏が
Mr. Mika

Arashi is a member of Team Exile and was introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V3 season of the Duel Masters Anime.


He was one of the Outrages from the Book of Outrage. He first appears as Crossfire, Millionaire. When his card was destroyed after Katta's duel against Yomi, his soul was restored by the book's power. Puramai Rei saw his soul being restored and after the pieces of the card got back together,his other form,Hurricane, Cross Fire appears and partners up with Katta Kirifuda and Katsudon to defeat Zorro Star. He then appears in his normal form after the Oracle Cult Organization was defeated. His weapon is his scarf that can extend.

He normally calls Katsudon and Katta 'brother' and sometimes plays with Katsudon in their games,which occasionally annoys Katta's grandfather. When Jackie, Infinity Beat had drawn all of Katta's Outrage creatures to a pocket dimension,he and Katsudon appears in their stronger forms,returning to Katta to tell him about Jackie's doings.

While Katta was rebuilding the deck, Katsudon and Arashi had an argument on which card to add in the deck that they did not notice that one of the cards; Carol, Gokigen Shout was blown away by the wind. They then noticed that the card partnered up with Aoto Reiji the talent show where Prin Prin, Rei and one of their friends are in.

In the final battle,he and his other form,Hurricane, Cross Fire was part of Katta's final deck. He returns to the creature world along with Team Exile.


He uses a Water and Fire Civilization deck based on Outrages.

Card Representations

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