• While all other printings of Aqua Surfer list it as rare, it's original printing in DM-05 was only Uncommon.
  • Aqua Surfer, along with Bronze-Arm Tribe, Faerie Life, Hell's Scrapper and Terror Pit have more reprints than any other card.
  • This creature has a Jokers version, Zekkyosuraida.
  • If the player looks closer, the "horns" on its head are actually it's tongues, indicating that it has 3 mouths, 2 on its head and one on a position that is similar to a human's.
  • Aqua Surfer is seen in Get Ready's artwork battling a replicated version of itself.
  • Aqua Surfer is seen in Marine Scramble's artwork taking part in Emperor Quazla's assault upon the Light civilization.
  • Aqua Surfer is seen in Hurlosaur's artwork fleeing Hurlosaur's discharge, along with Hokira.
  • Aqua Burster refers to this creature in its flavor text.
  • This card's promotional (P23/Y9) version was released with the Conquering All Challenges: Volume 1 promo pack.
  • This card's promotional (P59/Y9 and P60/Y9) version's artworks are based on the band Honey L Days as a sign of gratitude for their singing the Duel Masters Cross Shock theme song [My Only Dream].
  • This card's promotional (P41/Y12) version was released with the AgeAge Beat Pack promo pack.
  • Aqua Guard and Aquan were seen in the artwork of the (P21/Y14) promotional card.
  • Each of the DMX-12 printings of this card features a story in its artwork.
Aqua Surfer (Puzzle & Dragons)

Aqua Surfer in Puzzle and Dragons.

  • This creature appeared as a rare gacha character in Puzzle & Dragons as a collaboration with Duel Masters.
    • He can evolve into "Crystal Paladin" and has a "leader skill name" of "Mysterious Surfboard".
Aqua Surfer
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