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  • Aqua Guard seems possessive of its territory, claiming that "this ocean ain't big enough for the two of us".
  • This creature appears on the artwork of Guard Grip, Guard Vision as well as Aqua Survitake.
  • In the TCG, Aqua Guard was swapped with Marine Flower for their DM-01 and DM-04 spots.
    • This decsion was likely made due to balance reasons. Aqua Guard in conjunction with Crystal Lancer in the DM-02 metagame might have been deemed unhealthy by the R&D team.
  • This card's promotional (P13/Y8 and P21/Y8) versions were released with the Puff Chocolate Series 3 food products.
  • This card's promotional (P77/Y9 and P85/Y9) versions were released with the Choco Snack food products.
This card has "Isomorphic Resales", cards that are near-functional reprints, but with a different race.
  • These cards are Water Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 1, 2000 power and the ​Blocker 'Blocker' keyword.
Name: Race:
Marine Flower Cyber Virus
Aqua Guard Liquid People
Zepimeteus Sea Hacker
Fist Blader Merfolk
Medetine, New Year Electro-knight Great Mecha King
Tron Cyber Lord / Alien
Mokuro Monga Tricks / RexStars
Aqua Guard