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Anywhere Zone
どこでもないゾーン (Dokodemonai Zōn)
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Anywhere Zone is a term used

Regarding the processing of the card, if special processing is required when moving between zones of "Yamada", "Hand", "Battle Zone", "Cemetery", "Manazone", and "Hyperdimensional Zone", until the processing is completed Is present. It is sometimes called "resolution area" or "stack".


At this point this zone will be used until the spell is resolved when casting a spell.

  • Besides "Cyber ​​· G · Hogan" and "Miracle Fever of Pearlock" etc are also considered to use this zone.
  • When the card moves, it is not referred to by the ability of the card whether or not it passed through this area. For example "Dema's Demon! When you cast a spell from a deck with the ability of "Holy Spirit Left God Justice" while there is: that spell is placed in a zone where it is not located anywhere for the effect of the spell , but this movement is the ability of the "Kikuchi Democracy" Do not induce. When casting a spell and placing it in the Graveyard , for the first time the spell is considered to be "moving from the mountain card to the graveyard ", and the ability of the "Kikuchi martial arts" triggers.
  • The position of this zone on the game stand is not specified. For example, spells being resolved are often placed in the battle zone in the sense that they are " playing ".
  • Although it is once official name, it is thought that it refers to "outside the game" which does not apply to 7 zones, rather than an official name.
    • On the other hand, there are places in which the notation is made as if the "zone" exists properly, contradiction is occurring in the rule.
  • It was enacted by Duel Masters general game rule . A name that appeared suddenly in the formal pretty hard sentence appeared, it became a temporary topic among players. Making Mr. Maki that I enacted to the story is enough.
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