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{{Infobox Gameplay
{{Infobox Gameplay
|Japanese= どこでもないゾーン <br> ''(Dokodemonai Zōn)''
|Japanese= どこでもないゾーン <br> ''(Dokodemonai Zōn)''
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|Dmwiki= [ Article]
'''Anywhere Zone''' is a term used as an unofficial [[zone]].
'''Anywhere Zone''' is a term used as an unofficial [[zone]].

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Anywhere Zone
(Dokodemonai Zōn)
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Anywhere Zone is a term used as an unofficial zone.


It's used for the processing a card, which is special processed when a card is moved between zones until a card has finished its Resolution. It is sometimes known as the "resolution area" or "stack".

It is the zone used when a spell is currently resolving when a spell is cast.

  • Effects on cards such as Cyber G Hogan or Parlock's Miracle Fever are considered to use this zone temporarily while they are resolving..
  • When the card moves between zones, this zone isn't specified by the ability of the card in any way. For example, Duema Ogre! Kikuchi, Assistant Instructor and its interaction with Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God. While Justice is looking at the top 5 cards of your deck in order to cast a spell, it doesn't trigger the ability of Duema Ogre. However, after the spell is cast and put into your graveyard, the ability of Duema Ogre can trigger as the card a seen as being "moved from the deck to your graveyard".
  • The position of this zone on cards isn't specified. For example, spells being resolved are often put into the battle zone during a game in the sense that are being "played".
  • Although it doesn't have an official name for the zone, it is thought of being "outside the game", distancing itself from the other 7 zones.
    • On the other hand, there are places in which the this "zone" exists so there is contradictions in the rule.
  • It was mentioned by the "Duel Masters General Game Rule" document.

List of cards that refer to "Anywhere"

While "anywhere" isn't treated as a single zone, certain cards do refer it for their abilities, to signify when a card would be put into a zone other than the zone specified. For example, Azami, Heavy Baby has an ability that triggers when your opponent would put a card into his mana zone from "anywhere" (any other zone, including; deck, graveyard, battle or shields). other than his hand (the specified zone).


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.17 (December 13, 2019)

  • 408. Super Gacharange Zone
    • 408.1. In the super gacharange zone, cards with the GR supertype can be placed. The number of cards in that zone at the start of the game must be 12.
    • 408.2. The super gacharange zone must be a stack of face down cards. Both players can't see these cards.
    • 408.3. Players can't rearrange cards in the super gacharange zone.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.17 (December 13, 2019)

  • 408. 超GRゾーン
    • 408.1. 超GRゾーンにはGRの特殊タイプを持つカードが置かれます。ゲーム開始時の超GRの枚数は過不足なく12枚です。
    • 408.2. 超GRは裏向きのカードの束でなければなりません。プレイヤーは超GRの中身を見ることができません。
    • 408.3. プレイヤーは超GRゾーンのカードを並べ替えることはできません。

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