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Angel Dragon
Japanflag.png エンジェル・ドラゴン
Phonetic: Enjeru Doragon
Released In: DMD-30 Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop
Civilization(s): Light / Water
Race Category: Dragon
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Angel Dragon

Angel Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Light and Water civilizations.


Many of them feature せいれいりゅう (Seireiryū) meaning Dragon Elemental in their card name.


They are a lesser race of Angel Command Dragon to prevent them to be used with the Invasion ability as well as being unable to remove seals.

They are paired with the Revolutionary team race, Team Doremi.


Angel Dragons are affected by all cards that affect Dragons, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Angel Dragons

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