Angel Command Dragon
Japanflag エンジェル・コマンド・ドラゴン
Phonetic: Enjeru Komando Doragon
Released In: DMD-16 Beginning Dragon Deck: Heavenly Justice Dragon
Civilization(s): Light
Race Category: Angel Command
Command Dragon
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Angel Command Dragon

Angel Command Dragon is a race of Command Dragon creature in the Light Civilization.


As Angel Commands featured 精霊 (Seirei, Elemental) in their names, this race features 精霊龍 (Seirei Ryū, Elemental Dragon) instead.


The Angel Command Dragons were born when the Light Civilization fused the power of Angel Commands with Dragons. They appear as a more organic life form than regular Angel Commands.

In Revolution, they stand on the side of the Revolutionaries and appear as quadrupedal dragons that often have vixen or canine features.


Angel Command Dragons are affected by all cards that affect Angel Commands, but currently there are no cards that specify Angel Command Dragons.

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Evolution Creatures

 ■ Alcadeias D, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Baradios, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Diofence, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Miracle Miradante
 ■ Miracle Star, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Miracle Star, Revolution Heaven King
 ■ Miradante, Time Revolution
 ■ Miradante Forte, Miracle Revolution
 ■ Protigere, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Rosen Star, Revolution Holy Dragon
 ■ Stagnate, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Star Lead, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Vibros Heaven, Lord of Dragon Spirits
 ■ Zeek Cavalie, Lord of Dragon Spirits



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