Angel Commands (エンジェル・コマンド) are a race of creatures in the Light civilization.

Although it is primarily a Light based civilization, there are a few Rainbow Civilization cards sharing this race with both Fire (Bolpheus Heaven, Holy Super Dragon) and Darkness (Auzesu, the Demonic Holy Spirit).

Angel Commands have a variety of effects and evolutions involving shield, blockers or multi-colored Rainbow cards.

The strongest power of an Angel Command creature is 15500 on Alphadios, Lord of Spirits, a stronger counterpart of Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits.

Most Angel Commands have the word "Elemental" in their names. Most evolution Angel Commands have "Lord of Spirits" in their names instead.


Angel Commands are the most powerful soldiers in the Light civilization. Only a dozen or so are said to exist. Each Angel Command is unique in appearance and ability. They are capable of creating energy fields and spatial distortion. Weapons may include the use of light sabers, light beams, gravity, and teleportation. One feature they share in common is that their weaponry hovers around their bodies, levitated but untouched by each Angel Command.

Deployed around the colonies as guards, they require massive amounts of energy for activation. Angel Commands have been activated only twice in the history of the Light civilization.


Creatures that evolve from Angel Commands

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